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In a stunning run that saw the 19-year-old American storm through a field nearly 300-strong, Jeff Williams, a freshman at the University of Georgia, has won the European Poker Tour Grand Final. For his win, he takes home €900,000.

Jeff’s final hand was ATo versus the UK’s Arshad Hussain’s A8o. Williams earned his seat in the Grand Final in an online qualifer at

Click here for a play-by-play of the final table. A full final table report will be out at a later time. Until then, here is a list of everyone who cashed in the event.

Congratulations, Jeff.

EPT Grand Final Results (all prize in euros)

1. Jeff Williams (USA) 900,000 PokerStars Cash Qualifer
2. Arshad Hussain (UK) 492,000 PokerStars FPP Qualifer
3. Aleksander Strandli (Norway) 251,000 PokerStars Cash Qualifer
4. Marc Karam (Canada) 195,000 PokerStars Cash Qualifer
5. Tierry Cazals (France) 168,000
6. Ross Boatman (UK) 140,000
7. Marcel Luske (Holland) 112,000
8. Fraser Dunphy (UK) 84,000
9. Ben Grundy (UK) 56,000
10. Thomas Wahlroos (Finland) 33,500
11. Mark Teltscher (UK) 33,500
12. Matthew Davey (Ireland) 33,500 PokerStars FPP Qualifer
13. Arnuad Mimran (France) 28,100
14. Markus Golser (Austria) 28,100
15. Radu Butan (Canada) 28,100 PokerStars Cash Qualifer
16. Jim Kerrigan (UK) 22,400 PokerStars Cash Qualifer
17. Alain Bilodeau (Canada) 22,400 PokerStars Cash Qualifer
18. Terrence Halliday (UK) 22,400
19. Nick Gibson (UK) 16,800
20. Kim Darling Wittendorf (Denmark) 16,800 PokerStars Cash Qualifer
21. Martin Wendt (Denmark) 16,800
22. Dario Minieri (Italy) 16,800
23. John Kabbaj (UK) 16,800
24. Peter Gould (UK) 16,800
25. Dustin Dirksen (USA) 16,800 PokerStars Cash Qualifer
26. Paul Jackson (UK)16,800
27. Marc Bolliger (Switzerland) 16,800

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