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Donk bet
\ ˈdäŋk, -ə-, -ȯ- \ /bɛt/

A donk bet is a bet that is made into the aggressor from the prior betting round, denying them an opportunity to make a continuation bet.

Is a donk bet stronger when it’s fired into multiple opponents? Should you pot control and call or raise and thin the field?

PokerStars School has the answers for a spot that makes many players feel lost.


  • Facing a donk bet in multiway pots
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Facing a donk bet in multiway pots

PokerStars School’s Dave Roemer takes a look at a low-stakes cash game hand taken from the School’s Discord channel.

Four players head to a flop, and the big blind (our hero) flops an overpair. But before they can bet, the small blind donk bets.

“There was some debate in the chat about calling vs. raising,” writes Roemer. “It’s not surprising; this is not exactly a spot that we see frequently, so it’s natural to feel a bit lost. Personally, I feel that calling here is a significant mistake, however. Let’s unpack what’s going on…”

Read ‘Facing a donk bet in multiway pots’ here.

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