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This weekend, Brazilian players dominate the action in the Sunday Million and majors, Niklas “lena900” Astedt wins an (almost) impossible double, and serious pros like “T-Macha” and “Fresh_oO_D” hit up the High Roller Club.

  • “gtavares10” wins the Sunday Million
  • Huge run for Brazilian players in the Sunday majors
  • Niklas “Lena900” Astedt binks both HRC Warm-ups
  • Huge action in the High Roller Club

“gtavares10” scores big in Sunday Million

The Sunday Million is the online poker tournament that all players want to win. This weekend, it was “gtavares10” from Brazil who took it down. gtavares10’s previous conquests include the Mini Sunday Million, as well as a third place finish in a recent Winter Series event. This first place finish in the Million is by far the Brazilian’s biggest ever score, a well deserved $110,883.

“Serg.82g” from Russia came second for $80,462, and “Pelckito”, who has previously been to the Sunday Million final table and won the Sunday Storm, finished third for $58,391.

Three of the final tablists gained entry to the Sunday Million via satellite. “LEV.DG1990” from Kyrgyzstan came fourth for $42,375 after winning entry in a $9.60 satellite. “fabricshow71” from Brazil only paid $3.60 for their entry, and came out with $22,316, 6198x their buy-in. Argentinian player “Adsoll39” came into the Million via $5.50 satellite, taking seventh place for $16,195.

Here are the complete Sunday Million final table results:

Player Country Prize
gtavares10 Brazil $110,883
serg.82g Russia $80,462
Pelckito Brazil $58,391
LEV.DG1990 Kyrgyzstan $42,375
storehyller Norway $30,751
fabrishow71 Brazil $22,316
Adso139 Argentina $16,195
prallimall Germany $11,753
guitey United Kingdom $8,529

In the lower stakes version of the event, the Mini-Sunday Million, Sayenaro” from Russia opted for a heads-up split with UK player “moysey2626”, eventually going on to claim first place and earning $14,976.

Brazilian players dominate the majors

We’re not sure exactly how it happened. Maybe it was planned? A pact made between players to log on and dominate the tables?

Whatever the case, along with gtavares10 winning the Sunday Million, many of this weekend’s major tournaments were owned by Brazilian players.

It’s been a big weekend for Brazilian players

The story starts with the Sunday Mini-Marathon. Not the most lucrative of events, but a slow and skilful format. Interestingly, six out of the nine players on the final table were Brazilian, including eventual winner “mendamaster9”, who earned $4,260 for first.

That’s just the beginning. In the Sunday Storm, Brazilian player “ynohtna2203” took first place after cutting a three-way deal with fellow Brazilians “sutomal” and “dell0687”.

Next, “Breno2728” who (you guessed it) is also from Brazil, took down the Sunday Cooldown for $9,951, plus an additional $9,446 in bounties.

Brazilian player “Patosplayer” won the Sunday Supersonic, earning a lovely $21,521 in rapido time, while “DaviMmaker”, also from Brazil, locked down the mini version of the event for $6,888.

The Sunday Wrap-up also went to a Brazilian player, Yuri “theNERDguy” Martins, who won $4,224 for another top-quality performance from one of the game’s most reliable talents.

Don’t worry people. Before you go thinking there’s a cardspiracy going on, Brazilian players didn’t win all of the majors.

German player “Onkelpepper” won the kick-off for $10,664, while “ocien”, also from Germany, secured the Sunday Marathon for $14,077. Russian player “aleks0601495” took down the Sunday Warm-up for $27,014, earning one of the bigger scores of the weekend outside of the High Roller Club.

But yeah, that’s about it. Brazilians ruled.

Here are the top 5 results from the Sunday majors:

Tournament Player Country Prize
$215 Sunday Warm-up aleks0601495 Russia $27,014
$215 Sunday Supersonic Patosplayer Brazil $21,521
$109 Sunday Cooldown Brenoz2728 Brazil $29,806
$55 Sunday Marathon ocien Germany $24,761
$11 Sunday Storm ynohtna2203 Brazil $13,746

Niklas “Lena900” Astedt wins epic double Warm-up

Over to the High Roller Club action now, and Swedish pro Niklas “Lena900” Astedt has scored an absolutely huge (almost unbelievable!) double.

Astedt started out with a first-place finish in the HRC Daily Warm-up on Saturday, earning himself $18,983.

Niklas “Lena900” Astedt

Always one to prove that it’s no fluke, and to somehow defy most people’s expectations of variance, Astedt then went on to take first place in the HRC Sunday Warm-up the following day.

It was a huge final table of high stakes players, including third place “Darwinsfish”, Francisco “Tomatee” Benitez and Claas “ssicK_OnE” Segebrecht, among others. Astedt eventually made a split with Romanian pro Alex “steakaddict.” Papazian, before playing out the heads-up for the remaining $1k or so.

Second place Papazian also had success elsewhere. He won $3,372 for first place in the Daily 500 on Saturday.

The combined total for Astedt’s double Warm-up win came to $48,300.

“T-Macha” makes four final tables, “NeedBeat” scoops Bounty Builder and “Fresh_oO_D” is back again

There was absolutely huge potential for “T-Macha” to hit the jackpot this weekend. He or she made a total of four final tables, all of them PKOs.

This included a first place finish in the HRC Daily Cooldown for $6,712 plus bounties, as well as a second place finish in the HRC Saturday KO for $7,277, plus $1k bounties.

Unfortunately, T-Macha wasn’t quite able to convert the rest of the opportunities into big scores. He crashed out in seventh place in the $215 Saturday KO for a total of $2,634, and ninth in the Bounty Builder on Sunday for $7,436.

Still an epic weekend for T-Macha, whose total final table score reached well over $25k.

“silentm0de” also made three final tables, finishing first in the HRC Saturday KO for $7,277, plus an incredible $9,312 in bounties. The Moldovan player also finished third in the Saturday Scuffle for a total of over $3k, and sixth in the HRC Daily Warm-up for $2,856.

Elsewhere in the High Roller Club, “NeedBeat” from Estonia won the Sunday Marathon for $21,174, beating serious competition from second place Conor “1_conor_b_1” Beresford and third place Johannes “Greenstone25” Korsar.

Jens “Fresh_oO_D” Lakemeier was back on the final tables once again

Korsar also won the prestigious $2,100 Sunday HR tournament, adding $37,595 to over $10 million in online winnings, following a heads-up split with legendary top ranked pro Simon “C.Darwin2” Mattsson.

One of the biggest High Roller Club wins of the weekend came in the guarantee boosted Bounty Builder on Sunday. “Wonderboy222” from the UK added to his string of impressive BB wins. Wonderboy222 claimed $41,571 for first place, plus an additional $35,078 in bounties.

German pro Jens “Fresh_oO_D” Lakemeier was back on the final tables again after a solid performance last weekend. This time around, he won the HRC Sunday Supersonic for $28,090.

Here are the top High Roller Club results from the weekend:

Tournament Player Country Prize
HRC: $530 Bounty Builder wonderboy222 UK $41,571 + $35,078 bounties
HRC: $2,100 Sunday HR Greenstone25 Sweden $37,595
HRC: $1,050 Sunday Warm-Up Lena900 Sweden $29,317
HRC: $1,050 Sunday Supersonic Fresh_oO_D Germany $28,090
HRC: $530 Sunday Marathon NeedBeat Estonia $21,174

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