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“Ahh, I knew you had that. That’s what I put you on.”

There’s a poker saying you don’t hear so much in 2020. These days, we’re more interested in narrowing an opponent’s range than placing them on an exact holding and betting the farm on it.

But if your opponent is doing things that cap their range and make it obvious for you to know the strength of their hand, then it’s vital you start to exploit their transparency.

Learn how, and a lot more, right here in this update from PokerStars School.


  • Inside the mind of a pro: Exploiting transparency
  • Cash game strategy: Funneling ranges
  • New strategy videos: Befriending variance with Federico Sztern (Part 1 and 2)
  • Win WCOOP 2020 tickets with PokerStars School

Inside the mind of a pro – Exploiting transparency

“A player, or population of players, is transparent if their actions are very likely to weight their range heavily towards a certain type of hand. When you believe that this is the case, it is often sensible to check with marginal or very weak hands and delay any thin value-betting or bluffing until a later street.

“Finding out what Villain likely has before committing money to the pot will save you a lot of money.”

Read more from Pete Clarke’s latest article below:

Inside the mind of a pro – Exploiting transparency

Cash game strategy: Funneling ranges

This week PokerStars School are discussing one of the most powerful exploitative concepts in the game.
Funnelling someone’s range means making a play that causes them to play too many hands in a certain way, leading to them being unbalanced and exploitable. All of the best professionals use funnelling to beat weaker players.

You should start doing it, too. Find out how at the link below.

Cash game strategy: Funneling ranges

New Strategy Videos

Variance is a crucial part of your long-term poker game. Understanding and accepting variance will be important as you learn and grow as a player.

In this new video series, Federico Sztern explains how to befriend the volatility of chance.

Watch both parts below:

Befriending Variance with Federico Sztern (Part 1)

Befriending Variance with Federico Sztern (Part 2)

Win WCOOP 2020 tickets with PokerStars School

The legendary PokerStars series which crowns the best in the game is back. That means it’s your chance to become a world champion.

Between August 30 and September 23, the World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP) returns with $80M GTD and a huge $10M GTD Main Event on September 20.

Find the full schedule here.

New for 2020 is the Sunday Slam Events; each of these 15 tournaments guarantees a 2021 Slam Package, which consists of full buy-ins to next year’s SCOOP, WCOOP and Stadium Series Main Events.

Read information regarding all WCOOP promotions on PokerStars here.

PokerStars School will also be giving you the chance to join the action. Three special WCOOP freerolls will take place between Tuesday August 25 and Tuesday September 8.

To take part in the freerolls, just enter the Star Code ‘SCHOOLWCOOP’ on your client and receive your School WCOOP Freeroll Ticket, valid for the whole series. Find details on using Star Codes here. Please claim your ticket in good time before the tournament to avoid disappointment. Please note that you will only be allowed to play in one tournament per each freeroll day.

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