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You know on game shows when they ask contestants whether they want to take their winnings so far or gamble it all on a “mystery prize”? 

Well, this is like that. Except the only thing you need to give up is your precious time.

There’s an amazing community spirit here at Lex Live 2 in London, built over hundreds of hours of chatting on Twitch whilst watching Lex Veldhuis stream.

And now we want to ruin it all by turning everyone on each other.


Sorry to turn your community on each other, Lex

We’re kidding, of course. But trust us, guys: the “mystery prize” will be worth it.

To be in with a shot of winning, here’s what you have to do.

First of all, get yourself a card here at the casino (ask around you’ll find one).

We’re going to be playing a scavenger hunt, in which players at Lex Live 2 will have to complete certain tasks in order to get their card stamped.

This is running right now, so if you’re thinking of heading down this way, we suggest you do so as soon as possible.

Time is of the essence.

The tasks you’ll need to complete are as follows:

  • Join both the PokerStars and Lex Veldhuis Discord server, then direct message BLACKSUS#1909
  • Take a picture with the Lex cutout and post it on social media with the hashtag #LexLive
  • Say “F**k Croaks” to his face
  • Attend the beer pong social event (taking place on Thursday, October 3 at the Bat and Ball Bar, opposite the Aspers Casino)
  • Play in a community Sit & Go
  • Take a selfie with a community member outside the casino and post on social media with the hashtag #LexLive
  • Sign the canvas for Lex (available to be signed at Aspers Casino)
  • Keep an eye on both Discord servers for ‘Daily Discord’ tasks

Terms and conditions

You must complete 10 of the 14 tasks to be eligible for the chance to win the prize.

All completed tasks must be stamped by PokerStars staff, Ambassadors, or Croaks.

Some of the Daily Discord tasks will be time-sensitive and can not be completed once they expire.

Daily Discord tasks will be posted by BLACKSUS#1909 in either the PokerStars or Lex’s Discord server.

Once you have collected your 10th stamp and become eligible, your middle black box will be stamped.

Cards will stop being stamped at 10am BST on Saturday, October 5. To be eligible to win the prize, you must be in the tournament area of Aspers Casino at 10:30am BST on Saturday morning with your stamped card.

Best of luck everyone.

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