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While it’s serious business over in the €225 Main Event, last night at Lex Live was all about fun.

The €60 FU Friday Flip was a side event most members of Lex Veldhuis’s Twitch community had circled from the off, and 56 of them (including this humble PokerStars Blog writer) took part. Here’s how it worked:

Lex Veldhuis plays the FU Friday Flip

Lex Veldhuis plays the FU Friday Flip

Players started with 15,000 chips, blinds at 100/100, and a ten-minute clock. The hyper-turbo structure then saw the clock paused at the end of each level, and all players put five big blinds in the middle. The dealer deals one card face up and one card face down to each player at each table and then lays down a flop. At this point, all players can reveal their hidden cards, and the turn and river are dealt. Whoever has the best hand at the end scoops a huge pot, and play resumes as normal into the next level.

The idea is based on Veldhuis’s Friday home games that he holds on his Twitch streams. Each Friday he would have an all-in flip out for his community members, but the tweak to the live version means there’s actually some play in it.

Veldhuis was of course in attendance, as were the likes of Ben “Spraggy” Spragg, OP-Poker’s Nicholas Walsh, Morten “Zeeth” Ottosen, Twitch moderator “Croaks”, and many more.

FU Friday Flip

OP-Poker’s Nick (centre left) and Croaks (centre right) flip out

Unfortunately for community member Markus ‘L4zy_pigeon’ Borel, he became this event’s bubble boy. The eventual champion was Christopher Hooper, who won €926 and the first Lex Live Beaker trophy of the festival.


Oh, and how did PokerStars Blog get on, I hear you cry?

Well, after a good start (including winning the third flip), we busted. But we did get to bust Spraggy beforehand. So, y’know, every cloud.

Spraggy Lex Live

Our pocket kings hold up to bust Spraggy with pocket nines

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