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The latest MicroMillions series concluded on Monday night with the massive Main Event and a tasty $100K top prize to its winner. From a $22 buy-in, that’s mouth-watering stuff. It was only par for the course for another brilliant series, however. Read on for all of the details…

The final standings in the Main Event

Take it to ibotown
How do you turn $22 into nearly $100K? The player to ask is the Austria-based German “ibotown”, who last night won the MicroMillions Main Event and banked $95,120.74 after a heads-up deal. ibotown bought in just once, for that $22, and ended up with all the chips after a field of 48,812 entries was vanquished (that’s 33,751 unique players and 15,061 re-entries). His or her final opponent was a fellow German, “SEEEDx”, who finished with $77,449.59, not exactly a bad haul either, though it came from two bullets. Both ibotown and SEEEDx are long-time PokerStars grinders, and the former won the Super Tuesday back in 2014. On that occasion, $53,508.23 went into the coffers, but ibotown had to stump up $1,050 to play. Third-placed “Kashmir_uzi” is also no stranger to the big tournaments. The Londoner has won SCOOP and WCOOP titles, both in 2-7 Single Draw in 2015, and has also been at the final table of the Sunday Million. It’s amazing that of Kashmir_uzi’s more than $2.3 million in documented tournament scores, the fifth biggest came in this MicroMillions, where the buy-in was so small. Congratulations to all 8,079 players who cashed. This was a whopper.


Huge numbers in bargain series
Some technical issues affected the MicroMillions series on Sunday night, forcing the cancellation of Events #112 and #113. Prizes were be distributed in accordance with our cancellation policy, and the plan is to reschedule the events. (We’re not sure when that will be, but keep your eyes open.) It meant that MicroMillions wrapped with 115 tournaments and 115 champions, with no one rising through these enormous fields twice. Prize pools hit more than $4.6 million; entries got close to 900,000; and winners walked away with more than $460K. Remember, if you’d played every single event, it would have cost you only $485.10. That’s the beauty of MicroMillions. All the crucial stats and records are below.

Winners from far and wide
As ever with PokerStars series, players from across the world took a stab at MicroMillions, with winners representing 29 different countries. It’s notable that the powerhouse poker nation of Austria had not won a single title until “ibotown” took down the Main Event, leaving Austrians with as many wins this time as Kyrgyzstan, Armenia and Mongolia. The UK and Sweden didn’t do much better, banking only two titles. There was, at least, some continuity at the top where Russia topped Brazil — 24 to 18 — to claim the unofficial countries leader board. Those two nations typically jostle for top spot in all major series at all buy-in levels, and so it proved again here. Full leader board is below.


MicroMillions 2020 is (mostly) in the books and here are all the crucial numbers. Even though two huge events will need to be rescheduled, these are some huge figures.

Tournaments completed: 115
Entries: 889,201 (inc. 166,772 re-entries)
Prize pools: $4,636,329.05
First place prizes: $468,998.82 (inc. bounties)

Click for full results.


Take your hats off to Russia for another dominant performance across MicroMillions.

24 titles – Russia
18 – Brazil
13 – Canada
8 – Greece
7 – Romania
6 – Belgium
5 – Ukraine
4 – Germany
3 – Czech Republic, Netherlands
2 – Denmark, Hungary, Lithuania, Sweden, UK
1 – Argentina, Armenia, Austria, Belarus, Bulgaria, Croatia, Ireland, Kyrgyzstan, Mexico, Mongolia, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Vietnam.


As is typical, the Main Event came stomping in at the top of the charts for prize pools and field size in MicroMillions. However, there was also a new entry in the ROI charts on the final weekend, and it was about 584,529% more exciting. Here are all the records from across the series:

Biggest prize pools

Event #111 $22 NLHE, Main Event
Entries: 48,812 (inc. 15,061 re-entries)
Won by: ibotown (Austria) – $95,120.74

Event #38 $5.50 NLHE, Half Price Sunday Storm
Entries: 47,989 (inc. 18,147 re-entries)
Won by: EqualizeSTAR (Brazil) – $22,006.25

Event #14 $11 NLHE, PKO, Daily Highlight
Entries: 21,587 (inc. 6,867 re-entries)
Won by: VaiPahOnde (Brazil) – $13,913.35 (inc. $5,527.43 in bounties)

Biggest fields

Event #111 $22 NLHE, Main Event
Entries: 48,812 (inc. 15,061 re-entries)
Won by: ibotown (Austria) – $95,120.74

Event #38 $5.50 NLHE, Half Price Sunday Storm
Entries: 47,989 (inc. 18,147 re-entries)
Won by: EqualizeSTAR (Brazil) – $22,006.25

Event #37 $3.30 NLHE, 8-Max, PKO, Daily Highlight
Entries: 34,061 (inc. 11,821 re-entries)
Won by: Nazg√ļ√ļl (Czech Republic) – $6,015.64 (inc. $1,854.43 in bounties)

Biggest winners’ ROI

Official_Lula (Brazil)
Turned $1.10 buy-in into $6,429.82 in Event #110 $1.10 NLHE

Bumbols (Lithuania)
Turned $1.10 buy-in into $5,700.88 in Event #39 $1.10 NLHE, 8-Max, Splash

andreas8866 (Brazil)
Turned $1.10 buy-in into $5,347.17 in Event #3 $1.10+R NLHE

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