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Everyone hopes to hop on board PokerStars’ Grand Tour and sprint their way from a few bucks to a big bankroll, but if you’re not brushing up on your bounty-hunting strategy, you might find yourself getting lost along the way. Thankfully, PokerStars School is here to help.

This week:

  • Perfect your Grand Tour play with this strategy series
  • Keep an eye on ICM
  • Win a ticket for the $55 Summer Series Main Event

Grand Tour is available now on PokerStars

Sprint ahead in Grand Tour

Whenever a new poker format lands on PokerStars, it’s like a gold rush in the wild west. Everyone arrives hoping to strike gold before anyone else has figured out what they’re doing, and those who succeed are usually the ones who came prepared with the necessary tools.

Grand Tour is the latest craze and, thankfully, PokerStars School is gifting you the tools to get ahead of the curve.

They’ve just published the latest instalment of Pete Clarke’s extensive Grand Tour strategy series, and this week the focus is on cold calling vs shoving during early gameplay.

It’s only part nine of a 14-part series, so you can always go back and begin from part one if you’d like to catch up. Part eight of Clarke’s series will drop on 19th June, so stay tuned for that.

Dave breaks down ranges

ICM Analysis

We all know the big money comes at the very end of tournaments, but by the time you’ve reached a final table, your brain might be a little frazzled. So the next time you’re in a position for a big score, why not help strengthen your money-making potential with some ICM analysis?

What is ICM, I hear you cry? It stands for ‘Independent Chip Model’ and it’s a mathematical model which players use to calculate their overall equity in a tournament based on their current stack size.

In a nutshell, if there are players shorter than you at a final table, you can make money just by them busting before you, so it pays to play tighter. When you’ve got the big stack, however, you can have a whole lot of fun applying pressure.

In this new PokerStars School article, Dave Roemer looks at an interesting final table ICM spot and analyses what the correct push/fold ranges should be, and how you can apply them to your next deep run.

The Summer Series is running from now until June 21st. Check out daily events in the PS client

Freeroll your way into the Summer Series

The PokerStars Summer Series is in full swing, and while there are dozens of great events every day in the low to mid stakes, the $55 Main Event is where it’s at.

If you haven’t got $55 to stump up for one tournament, you needn’t sit out. PokerStars School will be awarding 44x$55 Summer Series Main Event Low tickets via two exclusive freeroll events, and all you have to do to take part is get a Star Code.

Make sure you head here and find out all the info.

Both freerolls take place on June 19th at 14:30ET and 19:30 ET, each awarding 22x$55 Summer Series Main Event Low tickets.

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