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We were treated to another masterclass of major tournaments this weekend. Players at all stakes picked up huge wins, while the Warm-Up and High Roller events were full of serious talent from top players. Here are the highlights:

  • ‘Poeira4’ wins their first Sunday Million
  • ‘Denman98’, ‘GamadGADOL’, and ‘germaxi’ among those to score majors
  • ‘eijseijs’ picks up an incredible $40k in bounties in a single game
  • WCOOP winner ‘prebz’ picks up serious HR jackpot


‘Poeira4’ Claims First Sunday Million Victory

The Sunday Million was back to the usual $109 buy-in this weekend after last week’s special edition half price event.

This week, 7,382 players joined the party. An additional 3,127 re-entries brought the total prize pool to just a touch over its guarantee.

Previous Sunday Warm-Up winner ‘Poeira4’ made it big, achieving their greatest win to date. They beat a table full of hungry players to eventually walk away with the top prize of $109,749.

WillianeMaia’ from Brazil came second for $78,906 and Russian player ‘CowSaysMOOO’ finished third for $56,736. Multi-time Bounty Builder winner ‘lukasz13’ from Brazil took $40,792 for fourth place.

Previous Sunday Storm winner and multi-time SCOOP final tablist UsoGotPwned’ could have posed a serious threat, but crashed out early in eighth place, leaving all to play for. Here are the full results.

$109 Sunday Million
10,509 (7,382 + 3,127)
Prize pool: $1,050,900

1. Poeira4 – Netherlands – $109,749
2. WillianeMaia – Brazil – $78,906
3. CowSaysMOOO – Russian Federation – $56,734
4. lukasz13 – Brazil – $40,792
5. dikkechill – Netherlands – $29,329
6. thstorm1982 – Germany – $21,088
7. Cru$h7r – Austria – $15,162
8. UsoGotPwned – UK – $10,902
9. PostFlopRoi – Finland – $7,838

Congratulations also goes out to ‘Heidegger807’ from Canada. They won over $20k after beating ‘cazo_cashout’ heads-up in the Mini Sunday Million.

‘germaxi’ fights through mob of pros, ‘NutsedAllTim’ gets through HU with Steven ‘SvZff’ van Zadelhoff in Supersonic

The $215 Saturday KO made for an interesting final table. The tournament crushed its guarantee to offer $103,200 in prizes, half of which was reserved for bounty knockouts.

tonn22’ from the Netherlands came first for $9,130, and also earned even more on top of that ($9,651) in bounties following a top-notch performance.

They had to get past Japanese pro ‘LENI1234980’, who’s previous results include WCOOP final tables and multiple HRC wins. ‘LENI1234980’ came second for $6,625, picking up an additional $3,222 in knockouts.

This was a tough final table if ever we have seen one. Also in the mix were known tournament giant ‘fever-meter’, WCOOP winner ‘jantjevAdam’, Sunday Million winner Joao ‘soleeJ’ Ferreira and more. Let’s take a look at the full results.

$215 Saturday KO
Prize pool:$103,200

Payouts (not including bounties):
1. tonn22 – Netherlands – $9,130
2. LEN1234980 – Japan – $6,625
3. fever-meter – Canada – $4,808
4. jantjevAdams – Netherlands – $3,489
5. soleeJ – Netherlands – $2,532
6. 1EP3 – Moldova – $1,837
7. RaZorFaZor – Germany – $1,333
8. hala1111H134 – Poland – $967
9. Virgilik – Romania – $702

In the $109 Sunday Kickoff, ‘Denman98’ from Ireland came first for $11,677. This win was a little under their career high in the Big $22. ‘sallao10 from Brazil came in second place for $8,473.

A total of five Brazilian players made the final table of the Mini-Kickoff. This included eventual winner ‘leozinhobre’, who turned $11 into an impressive $4,659.

For those who like their stacks deep and their blinds low, the Sunday Marathon is always high on the list of events. This weekend, MTT final table regular ‘tonyliba’ and ‘raise4food27’ agreed on an even heads-up split. Both added $12,082 to their career totals.

In the Mini-Marathon, Brazilian player ‘Khrstian’ finished first for $4,374, all from a $5.50 buy-in. The Marathon may be long, but those who know how to run it hit huge ROIs. This was the player’s second ever major win. The first was in the Sunday Storm.

The Sunday Warm-Up made for interesting action. It was an early exit for prolific reg ‘lissi stinkt’, who’s accomplishments include SCOOP wins and WCOOP final tables. Nick ‘gbmantis’ Niergarth also crashed out shortly after the final table kicked off.

That still left plenty of other sharks swimming in the water. Argentinian player ‘germaxi’ came out on top, earning $26,742 after beating SCOOP and WCOOP final tablist ‘Hoegh93’heads-up. ‘Hoegh93’ took $19,406 for second place.

serggorelyi7’ came in third place, earning $14,083. This may seem like pocket money after their recent $358,000 win for second place in the Winter Series Main Event, but no doubt still an awesome payday in anyone’s books.

In terms of regular scheduled tourneys, the Sunday Warm-Up had to be one of the toughest final tables of the night.

$215 Sunday Warm-Up
Prize pool: $157,400

1. germaxi – Argentina – $26,742
2. Hoegh93 – Denmark – $19,406
3. serggorelyi7 – Russian Federation – $14,083
4. IHackedRNG – Serbia – $10,220
5. Nabsuu – Finland – $7,416
6. ksieciunio97 – Poland – $5,382
7. ratuotaz – Lithuania – $3,906
8. lissi stinkt – Germany – $2,834
9. gbmantis – Mexico – $2,057

Next is a shout out to Brazilian player ‘Graziliro’. They’ve had some success at the micro-stakes before, but this weekend first in the Sunday Storm for a whopping $16,288 – easily their biggest ever win. Third place ‘Super Shilin’ won $7,691 from a $1.45 satellite entry, achieving an ROI of 3,833% from the tournament.

The biggest ROI of the weekend came from Brazilian player ‘vassili_10’. They entered the Double Deuce via a $2.20 satellite and went on to win $12,916.

The $109 Sunday Cooldown brought stiff competition. ‘GamadGADOL’ from Malta found themselves heads-up against Russian pro ‘timurbark’, who’s previous conquests include WCOOP and Winter Series final table finishes.

The two players decided on a split and then played it out for a small amount. ‘GamadGADOL’ went on to win the heads-up and claim $10,141, just a little more than their opponent.

The Supersonic continues to prove a popular event with players who want to burn off steam, yet still play for serious money late on in their poker session. You could say it’s the opposite of the Marathon – it’s the final sprint of the night.

NutsedAllTim’ from Nicaragua added to a long string of MTT victories. They came first in the $215 Sunday Supersonic for $21,521. Steven ‘SvZff’ van Zadelhoff, who you might remember from the 2017 WCOOP Main Event, came second, and ‘Guizaoo_’ third.

Along with the $22 Mini Supersonic, keep your eye out for the $215 NLO8 game. This weekend it was ‘Era_Koira’, a serious player on the Omaha circuit, who took the $4,973 top prize.

‘eijseijs’ earns over $40k in bounties, ‘prebz’ picks up HR payday

Over in the High Roller Club, sonmonedas’ came first in the $1,050 HR Sunday Warm-Up for $32,861. The Argentinian reg had satellited into the tournament, and so did second place ‘T-Macha’.

The Sunday $530 High Roller Club Bounty Builder once again came with a boosted guarantee of $500k. With 1,163 entries, the total prize pool reached $581,500.

WCOOP regular ‘eijseijs’ from Sweden came first for $39,694. This was already a well deserved win, especially considering who they had to face to make it happen. The fact that ‘eijseijs’ managed to earn an astounding $40,364 bonus in bounties only made it even more incredible.

Among the exceptional talent who also made it to the final table were WCOOP and Sunday Million final tablist ‘Nelisschuif’, Austrian pro ‘baeks22’, and COOP regulars ‘clapjkspit’ and ‘MITS304’.

Christopher ‘ImDaNuts’ Oliver, a player who needs little introduction, was also there to make opponent’s lives more difficult. He has SCOOP and WCOOP titles to his name, along with a second place EPT Main Event finish that earned him nearly $2 million.

Here are the results from the Bounty Builder.

$530 Bounty Builder
1,163 (819 – 344)
Prize pool: $581,500

Payouts (not including bounties):
1. eijseijs – Sweden – $39,694
2. Nelisschuif7 – Malta – $39,693
3. baeks22 – Austria – $24,612
4. ImDaNuts – Costa Rica – $18,040
5. clapjkspit – Hungary – $13,224
6. chtrum feinz – UK – $9,693
7. MITS 304 – Cyprus – $7,105
8. tinnoemulder – Netherlands – $5,208
9. bugiaso – Romania – $3,817

There were plenty of other familiar faces picking up huge paydays in the High Roller Club. 2017 WCOOP winner ‘prebz’ came first in the $2,100 HR for $39,235. They beat solid pros like SCOOP HR champ Juan ‘Malaka$tyle’ Pardo, and ‘IgorKarkarof’, who has over $4.6 million in lifetime cashes.

Anyone who wants to challenge themselves against the mightiest behemoths in poker will find these ballers around in the High Roller Club most weekends.

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