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Today, it begins. Strap on your seat belts. Keep your eyes peeled. You’re now in the final stretch on the Road to 100 Billion.

Sometime in the next few hours, PokerStars will deal its 99,700,000,000th hand, and that one will be worth money to the fortunate folks dealt in.

As part of the Road to 100 Billion celebration, PokerStars is giving out $1 million worth of prize money in 300 milestone hands over the next several days. Beginning with the 99.7 billionth, PokerStars will pay out money every millionth hand (see how your prize money is calculated on the examples page).

Repeat: those hands are starting today. Watch the ticker in the top of the PokerStars lobby to see when the next milestone hand will be dealt.


Of course, this is all in celebration of PokerStars 100 Billionth hand which will happen sometime in the next week or so (depending on how much you folks decide to play). That one hand will be worth a total of $1 million to the people in the hand and the people playing the same game and stakes. For full details, visit the Million Dollar Hand page.

This 100 Billion party has a ton of promotions associated with it. See the Road to 100 Billion page for full details.

Good luck!

Brad Willis is the PokerStars Head of Blogging

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