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The 2019 Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP) is officially now into its second week. It was a highly frenetic middle weekend, so here’s a look at what went on.

  • Richest day of SCOOP so far, with $10.1 million in tournament buy-ins
  • Three biggest prize pools all still on the line
  • Now more than half a million tournament entries
  • Second double-winner as “Bagrovui” snares second Omaha title
  • Bicknell and Foxen challenging for titles as 15 tournaments ongoing


Tournaments completed: 90
Tournaments ongoing: 15
Entries so far: 500,168
Prize pool so far: $43,669,076
First-place prizes awarded: $5,233,943.65


Eighteen tournaments started on SCOOP’s middle Sunday, with total prize pools between them of $10.1 million. That’s nearly one quarter of all the money wagered so far this SCOOP, which now sits at $43.67 million.

The three biggest prize pools of SCOOP so far are all still in the balance overnight. The medium buy-in of SCOOP 32 amassed a prize pool of $1.504 million, the pool in the high buy-in of SCOOP 31 is $1.442 million and the high of SCOOP 32 is $1.41 million. The winners will be determined today.

We went into the weekend with no double SCOOP winner. We ended it with two. After Joao “Naza114” Vieira won his second event in the $2,100 HORSE, Russia’s “Bagrovui” came first in SCOOP 28-M $530 PLO for $60,800. “Bagrvui” adds the result to SCOOP 11-H, the 5-Card PLO, suggesting we have an Omaha master on our hands.

Christopher “lissi stinkt” Frank won another SCOOP title on Sunday when he finished first in SCOOP 28-L PLO Six-Max. “lisst stinkt” is a regular at SCOOP final tables and won a huge one in 2015. In some ways the low buy-in fields are more difficult to conquer, so hats off to Frank for this one. Fintan “easywithaces” Hand made the last two tables, and finished in 12th.

Christopher “lissi stinkt” Frank

Costa Rica’s “ImDaNuts” became the second player from the “ImDa” family to claim a SCOOP title this year, following “ImDaBest514” to the top of the podium, and making “ImDa” the most successful prefix so far in SCOOP 2019.

Norway’s Andreas “Skjervoy” Tobergsen describes himself as a “poker dinosaur” and certainly here’s a man who has been playing the biggest PLO cash-game pots since the time that the term “nosebleed” meant nothing much more than a trip to the school nurse. But Tobergsen is still at it, and beat a challenging field to the PLO High Roller Six-Max title, and nearly $200K. Joao “IneedMassari” Simao was thirds; Benny “toweliestar” Spindler, Ronny “1-ronnyr3” Kaiser and Linue “LLinusLLove” Loeliger were all in the top 10, with Connor “blanconegro” Drinan and Benny “RunGodlike” Glaser not far behind.

Plenty of duos have been described over the years by the slightly cringy title “poker’s power couple”. Most recently it’s been Kristen Bicknell and Alex Foxen, or “krissyb24” and “bigfox86” as PokerStars players know them. Fair warning: this time tomorrow, we may also be reaching for the “power couple” title as both Bicknell and Foxen had stellar Sundays at the SCOOP tables and are well positioned to make a rush for silverware when games resume today.


Name Buy-in Entries Prize-pool Winner Country Prize
26-L: Deep Stacks $5.50 15,245 $74,501 Puscheltbp Brazil $8,434.04
26-M: Deep Stacks $55 5,212 $260,600 Denvlas Russia $35,141.15*
26-H: Deep Stacks $530 794 $397,000 10YURA10 Ukraine $66,719.39
27-L: Progressive KO $11 29,201 $286,170 Sederyck Czech Republic $15,954.99†*
27-M: Progressive KO $109 8,852 $885,200 Pringles190 Germany $79,900.97†
27-H: Progressive KO $1,050 1,326 $1,326,000 ImDaNuts Costa Rica $190,049.96†
28-L: PLO $55 3,305 $165,250 lissi stinkt Germany $23,757.50
28-M: PLO $530 709 $354,500 Bagrovui Russia $60,800.82
28-H: PLO High Roller $5,200 201 $1,005,000 Skyervoy Norway $197,209.02
35-L: Progressive KO $5.50 11,088 $54,331 warley2santo Brazil $5,194.90†
35-M: Progressive KO Sunday Cooldown $55 6,128 $306,400 1truegambler UK $28,094.36†
35-H: Progressive KO Sunday Cooldown $530 1,147 $573,500 neesam1405 Macau $82,851.20†*

†inc. bounties
*denotes deal


If you want to know what it takes, and what it means, to win a SCOOP title, have a read of our latest winner’s interview. Jason Kirk talks to “holy h3ll” who won $177K in Event #8-H. “Poker is my life,” “holy h3ll” says.


Sitting hunched over your laptop all day, every day might be fun but it’s not exactly healthy. We talk to a yoga expert who has come up with five simple stretches to fill your five-minute tournament breaks.


Here’s your daily reminder that you don’t have to break the bank to play, and win, in SCOOP. Russia’s “kuzya1993” managed to satellite into SCOOP 29-L: $22 NLHE Turbo for $7.50, approximately one third of the buy-in, and then went on to win the whole thing for a princely $16,832.63. ROI? Since you asked: 224,435 percent.



There’s this myth doing the rounds that not only is Lex Veldhuis a great poker player and a brilliant streamer but that he’s also an all-round great guy. It’s nonsense. He’s a fraud and should be taken to The Hague for crimes against decency. Allow us to submit the following to the jury in evidence. He even called it “Feels good just ending dreams…”


The SCOOP streaming family welcomed another new convert:

Meanwhile old hand Kenny “SpaceyFCB” Hallaert warmed up for Vegas with this fine win:


SCOOP 30 – Sunday Kickoff
Buy-ins: $11, $109, $1,090
Nearly 700 players showed up for the high buy-in version of this, and a couple of well-known figures are in contention. With 22 left, the UK’s “girafganger”, who was one of our picks to be a two-time champion, is in third, while Kristen “krissyb24” Bicknell is in fifth. Ognjan “cocojamb0” Dimov is not far behind either.

SCOOP 31 – Sunday Warm-Up/Sunday Million
Buy-ins: $22, $215, $2,100
“Daenarys T” has become one of the stars of this SCOOP so far, and the Dutchman again lurks in fifth place, of 110 remaining, in the Sunday Warm-up. He is in excellent company, with Kristen “krissyb24” Bicknell in third. There’s a top prize of close to $250,000 on the line in the Sunday Million special edition, with Phill “Grindation” McAllister leading Alex “bigfox86” Foxen at the top of the charts.

Kristen “krissyb24” Bicknell

SCOOP 32 – Sunday Million Special Edition
Buy-ins: $55, $530, $5,200
The medium buy-in prize pool is the biggest yet amassed in SCOOP 2019, and the high buy-in prize pool is not far behind. Rui “RuiNF” Ferreira sits in second place, behind “MB TREMENDO” of Uruguay in the $5,200 event, with Sami “Lrslzk” Kelopuro in third, “MLS20”, who won an event earlier in the series, in sixth, and the ever-present “Lena900” today ever-present in seventh.

SCOOP 33 – PLO Hi/Lo
Buy-ins: $11, $109, $1,050
Ole “wizowizo” Schemion and Shaun “shaundeeb” Deeb are in decent shape as they hunt their first title of the year. Schemion sits in third place, and Deeb in sixth, of the 34 coming back to play to the winner of the high buy-in event.


Buy-ins: $11, $109, $1,050
A late addition to the SCOOP calendar, because why not?

Buy-ins: $5.50, $55, $530
Chase those bounties over two days, six-max.

SCOOP 37 – NL Omaha Hi/Lo
Buy-ins: $5.50, $55, $530
The main problem about pot-limit Omaha is that it’s pot-limit, right? This one isn’t. You want to get it all in, then get it all in.

SCOOP 38 – NL Hold’em Four-Max
Buy-ins: $22, $215, $2,100
It’s not often spread in bricks and mortar casinos for the simple reason of space, but here’s your chance to play four-max hold’em, where under-the-gun is also the cutoff.


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