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Of all the tournaments on the packed 2020 Spring Championship of Online Poker schedule, few would consider Event #46-H, a $1,050 buy-in no-limit hold’em 8-max. event, one of the easier ones to enter.

That fact didn’t deter 756 players from entering, however, with Swedish poker pro Adam “pruttzz12” Jonsson among them. Re-entries pushed the field up to 1,079 total entries, building a huge $1,079,000 prize pool to beat the $850K guarantee.¬†

And after two days of poker, Jonsson was very glad he’d entered, as he was the last person standing, earning himself a handsome $176,202.87 for the effort.

Adam Jonsson

After finishing the first day as chip leader, Jonsson was thinking positive thoughts heading into the final day of play.

I was very lucky during Day 1,” he says. “I finished first in chips, and had a good feeling going into Day 2. There were still around 120 players left which is a good amount of players, though, so I knew it was going to be a long way to go.”

He started the day well and still had the lead with around 60 left. “Then came my first ‘downie,'” he explains, when his pocket kings were cracked by ace-queen to knock him back to just five big blinds.

However a rush of cards followed, landing him three consecutive double-ups. “A few minutes later I was the chip leader once again,” he explains. “After that things went along pretty smoothly and I kept my stack in the top six all the way to the final table.”

Early at the final table Jonsson made what turned out to be a key decision after the under-the-gun player jammed 15 BBs and when next to act Jonsson chose to fold ace-queen off. “I dodged a bullet,” he says, having seen on the replay that his opponent had ace-king.

A little later it was six-handed when Jonsson flopped a set in a three-bet pot versus the chip leader, giving him a big stack with which he was able to pressure his opponents.

“Heads-up finished real fast,” he says, explaining how his opponent, “Lavrik-mastr,” finally got all in with ace-queen versus Jonsson’s pair of deuces. A queen flopped, but so did a third deuce, and after a blank on the turn Jonsson had sealed up the hand and the title.

Among the other tough opponents making it deep whom Jonsson had to overcome were Dzmitry “Colisea” Urbanovich (who finished fifth), Conor “1_conor_b_1” Beresford (who took sixth), and Igor “lechuckpoker” Kurganov (who made it to eighth).

Jonsson has been playing poker for a dozen years and as a professional for the last seven, so he’s enjoyed success at the tables before.

Though primarily a cash game player, he’s been playing tournaments more frequently of late, especially after winning the Swedish Championship in Stockholm in June 2018. A deep run in the EPT Barcelona Main Event last year to finish 25th has also whetted his appetite for more MTTs.

Jonsson in action at the 2019 EPT Barcelona Main Event

In fact, during the 2019 World Championship of Online Poker Jonsson qualified for a seat in one of the $10K High Rollers where he managed to finish third for a $209K-plus score, the biggest in his career.

“But it’s obviously a better feeling to get the title,” Jonsson confirms.

Big congrats to Adam Jonsson for his well-earned SCOOP title. Enjoy the feeling!


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