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Before SCOOP, Vitor “vitoradiron” Adiron enjoyed success in low stakes MTTs, hitting a few $3k prizes and building up his knowledge and skills.

Now Adiron is a SCOOP champion. He outlasted a 7,817 strong field in Event #36-M, cutting a three way deal on the final table and emerging victorious for an astounding $96,848.

We spoke to Adiron to get his thoughts on making that leap and picking up a coveted SCOOP title.

“I feel very happy for the result, not only for the value itself, but also for what it represents. A title in one of the series I most admire on Poker Stars. Having my first title on SCOOP is the result of dedication and patience in the process as a whole,” says Adiron.

Vitor enjoyed the generous structure which he says resulted in “very good gameplay”. He thinks that “patience and attention have to go hand in hand during the whole tournament,” but admits that he was helped out by the “luck factor” to bring him above an average stack on Day 2.

Adiron’s poker journey is an inspiration to all players who want to learn, improve and get results.

“It all started in 2015 when I started playing $0.55 to $5.50 MTTs. In the first twelve months I had good results, which made me more thirsty for learning”, says Adiron. “Since then I have been studying through solvers and with a study group of friends that poker has given me.”

“I want to thank all my friends of Click, because without a doubt one of the main factors of my game’s evolution is to surround yourself with people who are willing to evolve with you.”

Off the tables, Vitor likes to keep his mind and body happy. “Sport has always been present in my life, so I like to swim or practice aerobic activity. A bar or a friend’s house is always a good place to relax. And it’s always good to be surrounded by nature to clear your thoughts.”

So, how will the $96k win change Adiron’s approach to poker? It won’t…

“I believe that nothing has changed, I will continue working on my failures and always stay updated with all aspects of poker.”

Good attitude Vitor! We hope to see you on the final tables soon.



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