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The 2023 renewal of the Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP) — its 15th — ran from Sunday, May 7 through Thursday, June 1 and featured 363 tournaments. Here are all the SCOOP stats: a full breakdown of the series, drilling down into some of the miraculous numbers. Enjoy…and look forward to next year already.


22 days of play
SCOOP 2023 ran from Sunday, May 7 until Thursday, June 1, with Fridays designated as rest days.

Events: 121
Tournaments: 363

There were low, medium and high buy-ins in every SCOOP event, including six Main Events. This was an increase on last year’s SCOOP, where there were 106 events and 316 tournaments.

Entries: 1,277,595 (inc. 309,828 re-entries)
Prize pools: $91,906,701
First place prizes: $14,400,278 (inc. $2,672,447 in bounties)

Lowest buy-in: $2.20
Six tournaments cost only $2.20 to enter:
SCOOP 13 L: $2.20 NLHE, $15K Gtd
SCOOP 70 L: $2.20 8-Game [6-Max, Progressive KO], $5K Gtd
SCOOP 84 L: $2.20 NLHE, $12.5K Gtd
SCOOP 105 L: $2.20 NLHE [7-Max, Progressive KO, Last Player Standing], $12.5K Gtd
SCOOP 01 L: $2.20 NLHE [Phase 2], $125K Gtd
SCOOP 115 L: $2.20 NLHE [6-Max], $15K Gtd

Highest buy-in: $25,000
Event 113-H was the $25,000 NLHE Super High Roller, the biggest buy-in of the series. It attracted 42 entries, including 8 re-entries, putting $1,030,050 in the prize pool. For the second year running, a Brazilian player claimed the title. Bruno “great dant” Volkmann earned $362,102 for the win, a year after his countryman Rodrigo “SELOUAN1991” Selouan.

Bruno Volkmann: Two in one night


There were 1,277,595 entries to SCOOP tournaments this time, including 309,828 re-entries. That means there were 967,767 unique entries. The average field size was 3,519 entries.

(2022 figures: 1,294,099 entries, 294,573 re-entries, 999,526 uniques, 4,095 average field size.)

Five biggest fields of 2023:

65,731 – SCOOP 01 L: $2.20 NLHE [Phase 2], $125K Gtd
53,722 – SCOOP 01 M: $11 NLHE [Phase 2], $500K Gtd
22,663 – SCOOP 108 L: $109 NLHE [Main Event], $2M Gtd
21,160 – SCOOP 01 H: $55 NLHE [Phase 2], $1M Gtd
19,203 – SCOOP 112 L: $11 NLHE [Progressive KO, Series Saver], $150K Gtd

Five smallest fields:

33 – SCOOP 14 H: $1,050 NL 5-Card Draw [6-Max, Progressive KO], $30K Gtd
36 – SCOOP 09 H: $2,100 HORSE, $50K Gtd
37 – SCOOP 18 H: $1,050 6+ Hold’em [6-Max], $30K Gtd
38 – SCOOP 92 H: $1,050 FL Badugi [6-Max], $25K Gtd
41 – SCOOP 52 H: $2,100 FL 2-7 Triple Draw [6-Max], $50K Gtd


The total prize pools across all of SCOOP was $91,906,70.91.

Of that, $14,400,277.78 went to tournament winners (inc. bounties).

The average prize pool was $253,186.50 (2022 figure: $304,143.54) and the average first prize was $39,670.19 (inc. bounties) (2022 figure: $47,153.99).

Five biggest prize pools:

$5,870,000 – SCOOP 108 H: $10,300 NLHE [Main Event], $5M Gtd
$4,206,000 – SCOOP 108 M: $1,050 NLHE [Main Event], $4M Gtd
$2,266,300 – SCOOP 108 L: $109 NLHE [Main Event], $2M Gtd
$1,418,600 – SCOOP 04 M: $215 NLHE [Progressive KO, Sunday Million], $1M Gtd
$1,361,500 – SCOOP 75 M: $530 NLHE [Progressive KO, Sunday Million], $1M Gtd

Five smallest prize pools:

$4,000 – SCOOP 109 L: $5.50 NLHE [Progressive KO, Women’s Event], $4K Gtd
$5,186 – SCOOP 70 L: $2.20 8-Game [6-Max, Progressive KO], $5K Gtd
$7,500 – SCOOP 52 M: $215 FL 2-7 Triple Draw [6-Max], $25K Gtd
$7,500 – SCOOP 85 L: $5.50 NL 2-7 Single Draw [7-Max, Progressive KO], $7.5K Gtd
$7,500 – SCOOP 92 L: $11 FL Badugi [6-Max], $7.5K Gtd

Five biggest first prizes:

$1,036,200 – Felipe “lipe piv” Boianovsky (SCOOP 108 H: $10,300 NLHE [Main Event], $5M Gtd)
$600,640 – rolandinjo (SCOOP 108 M: $1,050 NLHE [Main Event], $4M Gtd)
$362,102 – Bruno “great dant” Volkmann (SCOOP 113 H: $25,000 NLHE [Super High Roller], $1M Gtd)
$232,582 – Sodaski (SCOOP 108 L: $109 NLHE [Main Event], $2M Gtd)
$215,928 – Richard “raconteur” Gryko (SCOOP 110 H: $10,300 PLO [6-Max, PLO Main Event], $800K Gtd)

Felipe Boianovsky won the biggest prize of SCOOP

Five smallest first prizes:

$574 – ghcastilho18 (SCOOP 109 L: $5.50 NLHE [Progressive KO, Women’s Event], $4K Gtd)
$696 – HP Paque1 (SCOOP 70 L: $2.20 8-Game [6-Max, Progressive KO], $5K Gtd)
$930 – Zeus6669 (SCOOP 85 L: $5.50 NL 2-7 Single Draw [7-Max, Progressive KO], $7.5K Gtd)
$1,276 – Loveles5 (SCOOP 92 L: $11 FL Badugi [6-Max], $7.5K Gtd)
$1,305 – r3romao (SCOOP 80 L: $11 Stud, $10K Gtd)


Of SCOOP’s 363 tournaments this year, 155 were played with bounties — meaning players were rewarded for knocking out someone else. Typically, half of the total prize pool goes into the bounty pot, with the rest being awarded according to a regular payout structure. (The exceptions are the “Total” bounty tournaments, where all the money goes into the bounty pot.)

Fairly often, players make more money from bounties than from the actual prize pool, and it’s well worth taking the flips when there’s a chance you could pick up a hefty prize. Here’s a look at some of the biggest bounty payouts from SCOOP, including a particularly sensational haul from Patrick “pads1161” Leonard.

Elias “SinKarma” Gutierrez won a huge bounty haul

Biggest bounties (gross)

SCOOP 75 H: $5,200 NLHE Progressive KO, Titans
Winner: Patrick “pads1161” Leonard
Bounties: $126,094
Regular prize: $71,023

SCOOP 62 H: $10,300 NLHE PKO, Thursday Thrill High Roller
Winner: Elias “SinKarma” Gutierrez
Bounties: $118,750
Regular prize: $86,814

SCOOP 97 H: $5,200 NLHE PKO Thursday Thrill High Roller
Winner: Allan “allan sheik” Mello
Bounties: $93,496
Regular prize: $71,484

SCOOP 112 H: $1,050 NLHE PKO Series Saver
Winner: manipulatoor
Bounties: $92,387
Regular prize: $79,507

SCOOP 75 M: $530 NLHE PKO Sunday Million
Winner: O Vulgo
Bounties: $66,019
Regular prize: $85,000

At this point, spare a thought for Poland’s “PAX176“, who was runner up in two tournaments — which just so happened to be the tournaments in which the biggest bounty prizes were awarded. Yes, PAX176 lost heads up to both Patrick Leonard and Elias Gutierrez — and just look at the bounty discrepancy.

Leonard earned $126,094 in bounties, while PAX176 earned $10,312.50
Gutierrez $118,750 in bounties, while PAX176 won $50,625 in that tournament.


As usual, a handful of players not only managed to win one tournament, but hit the top spot on multiple occasions over this SCOOP series. In fact, there were more multiple winners than we had ever seen before, with five triple champions and 25 doubles.

Last year, there were only 18 doubles and five triples. Even more incredibly, three players won two tournaments in the same night this time.

Marius Gierse was one of five triple champions

Here are the individual heroes:

Three titles

Benny “RunGodlike” Glaser
SCOOP 22 H: $1,050 NLO8 [6-Max, Progressive KO], $125K Gtd
SCOOP 87 M: $215 PLO8 [6-Max], $65K Gtd
SCOOP 100 M: $109 NLHE [7-Max, Progressive KO], $225K Gtd

Tobias “Senkel92” Leknes
SCOOP 14 H: $1,050 NL 5-Card Draw [6-Max, Progressive KO], $30K Gtd
SCOOP 52 H: $2,100 FL 2-7 Triple Draw [6-Max], $50K Gtd
SCOOP 103 H: $1,050 NLO8 [6-Max], $80K Gtd

Marius “DEX888” Gierse
SCOOP 17 H: $2,100 NLHE [Progressive KO, Single Re-entry], $200K Gtd
SCOOP 88 M: $215 NLHE [7-Max, Frezeeout], $200K Gtd
SCOOP 104 H: $1,050 NLHE [6-Max], $175K Gtd

Dalton “DaltonHB” Hobold
SCOOP 36 M: $109 NLHE [7-Max, Progressive KO, Single Re-entry], $135K Gtd
SCOOP 46 H: $530 NLHE [Progressive KO, Big Antes], $150K Gtd
SCOOP 116 H: $1,050 NLHE [Super Tuesday], $350K Gtd

Andrei “Premove” Skortsov
SCOOP 66 M: $33 NLHE [Weekend Starter], $50K Gtd
SCOOP 76 H: $2,100 NLO8 [6-Max, Progressive KO], $125K Gtd
SCOOP 118 M: $55 NLHE/PLO [6-Max, Progressive KO], $60K Gtd

Two titles

Bernado “bedias” Dias, davideriksso, Espen “Hymn2Ninkasi” Jorstad, Rui “RuiNF ” Ferreira,
BlaĹľ “Scarmak3r” Ĺ˝erjav, Oliver “sk2ll_m0dR” Weis, Killinfields, WhatIfGod, Yuri “theNERDguy” Martins, Niklas “Lena900” Astedt, roo_400, BigM_King17, Matt “MUSTAFABET” Ashton, Jamil “jamil11” Wakil, FAL1st, Christian “CMoosepower” Elgstrøm, Darapan, Bruno “great dant” Volkmann, iamivar, Audrius “Stakelis24” Stakelis, ghcastilho18, satonamotoka, Kzzon, Marcosv61, Juan “Malaka$tyle” Pardo.

Jamil Wakil was among the two-time SCOOP champions for the year

One-night wonders

These three players won two titles on the same night:

Thursday, May 11 – “davideriksso”
SCOOP 21 M: $320 NLHE [7-Max, Single Re-Entry] – $47,402
SCOOP 25 H: $530 NLHE – $12,713

Monday, May 22 – Niklas “Lena900” Astedt
SCOOP 73 H: $530 NLHE [Progressive KO, Sunday Kickoff] – $42,611 (inc. bounties)
SCOOP 76 M: $215 NLO8 [6-Max, Progressive KO] – $16,022 (inc. bounties)

Tuesday, May 30 – Bruno “great dant” Volkmann
SCOOP 113 L: $215 NLHE – $66,557
SCOOP 113 H: $25,000 NLHE Super High Roller – $362,102


Every year, Brazil sets new marks for dominance in major PokerStars festivals — and this year they set a new SCOOP mark once again. Brazil-based players won 50 events in 2021, then 72 in 2022. But this year, they hit an extraordinary 89.

Players from 41 countries won titles this time, including first-time winners from Armenia, Kyrgyzstan and Mauritius.

Yuri Dzivielevski accounted for two of Brazil’s record-setting title haul

Countries standings:

89: Brazil
30: UK
20: Austria
18: Sweden, Ukraine
14: Canada
13: Finland, Romania
12: Poland
10: Denmark
9: Germany, Montenegro
8: Argentina, Hungary, Norway
7: Andorra, Mexico
6: Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Lithuania
5: Belarus, Estonia, Latvia, Switzerland
4: Ireland, Uruguay
3: Croatia, Czech Republic
2: Greece, Japan, Slovakia, Slovenia, Thailand
1: Armenia, Costa Rica, Kyrgyzstan, Malta, Mauritius, Moldova, New Zealand, Peru.

Players from Brazil played each other heads up on 20 occasions.


There’s no doubt you’re happy if you make it to the final two players in a multi-table tournament. But it also stings a little. And what about if you do it more than once? Double pain.

Spare a thought then for Denis “aDrENalin710” Strebkov, who this year finished second on three occasions and never crossed the line first. (No fear: Strebkov has four titles from previous years in SCOOP.)

However, the king bridesmaid this year was Jerry “Perrymejsen” Odeen, who finished second in FIVE tournaments. He also managed one victory, and won the “Medium” Player of the Series leader board as a result.

Jerry Odeen was heads-up six times, winning once

Another leader board winner, Tobias “Senkel92” Leknes, finished third in three events this time, but also won two titles. He ended up topping the “High” leader board. Meanwhile James “TheDrunkLife” Whittet finished second in three events as well, and won another two. Whittet ranked high in leader boards, but didn’t actually win one.

Here’s a look at all the players who finished in second place on more than one occasion — including Team Pro’s Lex Veldhuis, whose search for SCOOP gold continues.

Runner up five times
Jerry “Perrymejsen” Odeen

Runner up three times
Denis “aDrENalin710” Strebkov
Patrick “pads1161” Leonard
Tobias “Senkel92” Leknes
James “TheDrunkLife” Whittet

Runner up twice
by_Vadimka, Dzmitry “Colisea” Urbanovich, “ContraSpemSper0”, “Ebaaa11”, Lex “L.Veldhuis” Veldhuis, PAX176, Talal “raidalot” Shakerchi, Leon “RUMUKULUS” Sturm, screenhero59, serrazina11, vladulaNko

And the countries…

Here’s how the countries leader board would look if every single heads-up battle went the other way. As usual, this broadly maps on to the leader board of winners, with Brazil, UK, Austria and Sweden still occupying the top four slots.

Last year, Canadian players fared poorly in heads-up battles, losing significantly more than half. But they flipped that record this time, winning 14 of their 22 heads-up duels.

Players based in Thailand, however, were heads up nine times and only won two titles. (The aforementioned Denis Strebkov accounts for three of the near misses.) Players based in Malta were heads-up eight times and won only once.

Denis Strebkov is now based in Thailand

Meanwhile, Indonesia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Ecuador, Jersey, Luxembourg, Mongolia and Vietnam all missed out on SCOOP titles this year despite their players getting into a heads-up battle.

By contrast, players from Costa Rica, Kyrgyzstan and Mauritius made their only chances stick.


78: Brazil
37: UK
23: Austria
20: Sweden
17: Ukraine
14: Finland
13: Norway, Poland
12: Germany
9: Argentina
8: Bulgaria, Canada, Hungary, Malta, Romania
7: Thailand
6: Belarus, Belgium, Denmark, Lithuania
5: Czech Republic, Latvia, Montenegro
3: Armenia, Chile, Croatia, Estonia, Greece, Ireland, Japan, Mexico, Switzerland
2: Indonesia, Moldova
1: Andorra, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Ecuador, Jersey, Luxembourg, Mongolia, New Zealand, Peru, Slovakia, Vietnam.


We are now able to add in the SCOOP stats from the 2022 SCOOP series to our all-time SCOOP stat tracker.

Events: 973
Tournaments: 2,917
Entries: 13,573,790
Prize pools: $1,324,455,144
First place prizes: $202,974,240

And here’s the updated countries leader board, with 85 countries now represented:

370 titles – Brazil
296 – UK
226 – Canada
205 – Russia
187 – Germany
115 – Austria
113 – Sweden
97 – Netherlands
92 – USA
83 – Finland, Ukraine
76 – Norway
71 – Mexico
69 – Poland, Romania
60 – Hungary
46 – Argentina
40 – Ireland
36 – Bulgaria, Denmark
35 – Greece
34 – Malta
32 – Belarus
28 – Czech Republic
27 – Lithuania
22 – Estonia, Latvia
21 – Australia, Belgium
20 – Costa Rica, Croatia, Switzerland, Uruguay
17 – Montenegro
12 – Kazakhstan, Thailand
11 – Andorra
9 – Chile, China, Israel, Japan, Peru
8 – Cyprus, Lebanon, Montenegro, Portugal, Slovenia
6 – New Zealand, Spain
5 – Moldova, Panama, Serbia
4 – Colombia, Dominican Republic, France, Gibraltar, Luxembourg, North Macedonia
3 – Bolivia, Czech Republic, Macau, Slovakia
2 – Georgia, Hong Kong, Philippines, South Korea, Taiwan, Turkey, Vietnam
1 – Antigua & Barbuda, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Barbados, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Ecuador, Indonesia, Isle of Man, Ivory Coast, Kyrgyzstan, Mauritius, Moldova, Mongolia, South Africa, The Bahamas, Turks & Caicos Islands, Uzbekistan.

Newcomers this year were Armenia, Kyrgyzstan and Mauritius.

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