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Don, left, and Doug, right. Protz A and Protz B

“Is that a ‘V’ for victory or an ‘L’ for loser?” says Doug Protz, posing for the photograph above with one of the most richly deserved beers in the whole of Copenhagen clenched beside questionable finger-letter.

I, being an impartial PokerStars reporter, say V. Doug isn’t so sure.

“I wanted to make it to day to with about the average stack, not about one third of the average,” he claims.

His calculations are probably right. Doug has sat behind a short stack for much of tonight’s play and will go into tomorrow with 9,100 in chips. They’ll begin tomorrow posting 600-1,200 blinds, so there’s no question he’s got his work cut out to make the money.

But who can calculate the odds on this: Doug is not the only Protz who qualified for the EPT in Copenhagen on PokerStars. He’s not even the only Protz who made the second day. The guy next to him is Don Protz, younger brother, who is also lining up in the final 95. That is pretty good going, no matter how high your expectations.

“It’d be good if you both got on the same table,” I suggest.

“Good for me,” says Don, who is taking 16,250 to the second day. “I know how he plays.”

People with 9,100 tend to play the same way on the second day of tournaments like this. “All-in,” might be uttered within the first round or so, then a couple of hasty prayers. But Doug has a chip and a chair. There is hope.

We’ll all drink to that.

Full chip counts for the end of day 1B will be available soon.

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