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  • Two big Cooldown scores for Lex
  • True Geordie’s The Showdown debuts
  • Clips of the week

Lex dominates the Cooldowns

The Cooldown turbos begin towards the end of a big Sunday session and are intended to help players wind things down–hence the name. But this past Sunday, when the $109 and $1K Cooldowns began, Lex Veldhuis was just warming up.

It was Lex’s first stream back after his wedding and honeymoon, and he shared some photos from the big day with his community:

Then it was poker time. In the $1K Cooldown, he certainly ran well when he had to:

He’d go on to finish second for $10,058 ($8,495 + $1,562 in bounties):

Lex was still in the $109 Cooldown though. He dished out a bad beat to rake in a ton of chips plus bounties:

That pot gave him a large chip lead with 24 players remaining, but not everything ran smoothly:

He enjoyed a big double up when they neared the final table bubble:

There was a double KO five-handed to take them down to three, with Lex as the shorty:

But back-to-back doubles sorted that out:

He then made quads heads-up:

And ultimately took it down:

For his win in the $109 Cooldown, Lex earned $20,976 ($11,993 for 1st + $8,982 in bounties).

Welcome back, Lex.

Watch the first episode of True Geordie’s The Showdown

True Geordie’s new poker show The Showdown kicked off on Twitch this past Saturday.

If you missed it, fear not. You can watch the entire episode below.

Clips of the week


What the f@#$ just happened?

Clown content.

We can’t even win…or can we?

What is this game?

Always coming…

Nice win for Arlie.

Nobody plays them better.

Pretty gross.


Bink? Nope.

Flushed away.

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