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The World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event is the one that nobody wants to miss, and it often serves as a reunion for players who have been on the circuit for many years. That actually also applies to reporters, who often spend time staring at the faces of players and thinking “I know I’ve seen you before” before the penny finally drops and you remember a tournament back in Mohegan Sun in 2010 or something like that.

Here on Day 4, the field has slimmed dramatically and only about 675 players now remain. But among them are a whole host of players we’ve seen and photographed before–and now they sometimes don’t look the same.


Welcome to our gallery of before/after shots of poker players, which may well just be called: “Aging”. This is what poker (and life) can do to you, folks.

All these players are still in on Day 4 of the 2019 Main Event.

Recent WSOP photography by PokerPhotoArchive. The rest, the terrible rest, probably taken by one of us on a Polaroid

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