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How To Make Comebacks In Tournaments

January 27, 2023
by Lex Veldhuis

To make comebacks in poker tournaments, players need to employ an effective short stack strategy. In this video, PokerStars Team Pro player Lex Veldhuis shares tips for making comebacks in fast-paced turbo tournaments.

Be Patient but Also Aggressive

Lex emphasizes that success in making comebacks requires balancing patience and aggression. You must wait for strong hands to get your chips in, but when the right spot arises, you must push all-in. As the blinds escalate quickly, there are more opportunities to pick up chips, but you can also get blinded out fast if you’re not careful. Play tactically and pay attention to the bets and positions of other players.

Know When to Go All-In

With 10 big blinds or less, Lex recommends two options: All-in or folding. The only exception is when you’re in the big blind. When short-stacked, look for spots to get it in with a hand like A-J or better, a pocket pair, or suited connectors that can make net flush draws. These types of hands perform well against the wide ranges many players will call all-ins helping you increase your chip stack.

Take Blinds When You Can

While aggression is key, you still want to play tight from early positions. Look for opportunities to raise from late positions with hands like Q-J, A-5 or K-Ten to try and take the blinds when possible. If facing a lot of action, don’t be afraid to fold on these speculative hands. But when the opportunity arises, you should take the chance to take big blinds from the pot.

Be Ready for Variance

Finally, Lex stresses the importance of managing your bankroll, especially in turbo tournaments. Even when you get your money in with the best hand, you can often lose due to suck outs. So, you need enough chips to withstand downswings and continue playing. By employing patience, aggression and prudent hand selection, you can improve your chances to make comebacks in tournaments.  Ultimately, be ready for the variance that comes with tournament poker and be prepared to adapt your playing style to make a comeback.

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