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All About the Fisher Roulette Strategy

July 2, 2022

For as long as roulette has existed, roulette betting systems have claimed to be the magical answer to overcoming the house edge. There are more betting systems for roulette than perhaps any other game, but few are more enigmatic than this one. Next time you play roulette online, the Fisher Roulette Strategy might be worth a look.

What is the Fisher Roulette Strategy?

The Fisher Roulette Strategy is one of the more mysterious betting systems. Unlike the more common strategies like Reverse Martingale or Fibonacci, it’s not easy to find much information about the Fisher Roulette Strategy or its supposed inventor, Samuel Fisher.

Some people claim Samuel Fisher was a London casino owner in the 1800s. Others say he made a living playing roulette using his system. He could even be a completely fictional person. In any case, there is a book written by a Samuel Fisher and published in 1924: The Sealed Book of Roulette & Trente-et-Quarante.

This book contains the original Fisher Roulette Strategy, and while it’s quite difficult to find the intricate details of the strategy online (without paying), we have done the hard work for you.

The Fisher Roulette Strategy explained for free

So with all that being said: how do you implement the Fisher Roulette Strategy? It’s a little more complicated than other roulette betting systems, but in a sentence the strategy can be summarised as: you triple your bet after losing four spins in a row.

This is a much more conservative variation of betting strategies like the Martingale, that require you to double your stake after each loss. This can quickly turn a $1 bet into a $32 bet, which is a much more expensive proposition for a casual roulette player. With the Fisher Roulette Strategy, the increases in bets are much smaller.

A betting example

Let’s say you begin by betting $5 on red. Remember, this betting system only works with outside bets.

Win or lose, as you play you need to take a note of your bet results. You won’t be increasing your bet yet. Once you lose four consecutive rounds, you’ll be increasing the bet.

To determine the increase, take the sum of the last three losses. In this case, with four losses of $5 ($20 total) this will be $15 (three losses of $5). The next bet is $15. If you win, you’ll move back down to making $5 bets until you have another four-spin losing streak. Lose, and you’ll bet $15 again.

If you are unfortunate enough to lose another four consecutive spins, then you will need to take the sum of your last three losses and increase your bet to $45. Again, if you win with this bet, you’ll be dropping back down to your original stake.

Fisher vs Martingale

The similarities between Fisher and Martingale are clear. In the Martingale strategy, perhaps the most famous roulette betting system, you double your bet after every loss. In Fisher, you triple your bet after every fourth loss. So which system is better?

Using this example of a random sequence of 14 roulette bets taken from a longer session illustrates the more conservative nature of Fisher. The leftmost columns are the bets and net profit/loss of a player using the Fisher strategy. The rightmost columns are the bets and net profit/loss of a Martingale player. Both players start with $5 and bet on red for every spin.

While at the end of this run of spins the player using Martingale is actually $5 better off than the Fisher player, you can see that their exposure was far greater. The Fisher player never wagered more than $15, while at one stage the Martingale player had to increase their bet from $5 all the way to $160 – a risk more than ten times greater for practically the same return.

Can you win with the Fisher Roulette Strategy?

The Fisher Roulette Strategy promises hourly returns, but in actuality cannot deliver the guaranteed wins for which players hope. After all, if it could, no casino in the world would offer roulette – any player who knew the Fisher Strategy would bankrupt the house!

The Fisher Roulette Strategy is a fantastic method to manage your bankroll, and far more advisable than the Martingale Strategy that only needs a short spell of poor luck to clear out your bankroll. However, at the end of the day, no betting system in the world can overcome the house edge of roulette.

The house, after all, always wins.