Casino fashion has evolved into something much more casual than in previous decades
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Casino Style to Keep You Styling Your Opponents

April 3, 2024

What you wear on the casino floor can impact both your play and your opponents. The casino dress code for men tends to be a relatively easy one to follow, with very few casinos having very strict policies when it comes to your attire. 

In this guide, we’ll cover how to dress for the game whilst staying within the limits of the majority of casinos out there. 

Common Casino Clothing Categories 

Depending on the casino you’ll be visiting, you may hear a few of the following terms used to describe the clothing required for you to enter the premises. If all these rules and regulations are not for you, online casinos don’t require a dress code and are far more comfortable.


Formal tends to be one of the strictest casino dress codes you’ll find. This kind of attire can also be referred to as white tie and will require a black dress coat or three-piece with a bow tie to bring it all together. 

Reserved for the more private establishments, formal is a dress code you’ll have to do your research on beforehand. Many find it difficult to relax until security has approved your outfit and permitted entrance. Try not to show it too much!


A black-tie dress code is recommended for casino evenings. Even at the most exclusive casino table games, you won’t look too casual in this classic formal look. To break down the term, black-tie casino attire consists of a black dinner jacket with matching trousers and an optional waistcoat with a formal white shirt under it. Black dress socks and shoes are essential. 


Semi-formal feels like a relaxed version of business clothing. A semi-formal outfit is perfect for those looking to transition to a smarter evening outfit. Semi-formal will still turn some heads despite the more relaxed feel. 

Think of pairing a simple T-shirt with a blazer and some chinos. An ensemble like this will pair well with a pair of stylish loafers where you can, of course, add a pop of colour. 

Casual and Smart Casual 

Casual tends to mean you are allowed to wear jeans and a T-shirt but still keep a decent appearance. No unbuttoning of the shirt to show off that chest hair gentleman. Shorts are a maybe, but it will depend on the casino, so make sure you do your research beforehand. This dress code tends to be more common in the footfall-friendly venues such as the well-known establishments along the Vegas Strip. 

Smart casual takes it a step higher and will mean maybe you’ll need to throw on a button-up with your jeans. 

Clothing to Game Changer 

What you wear and how you present yourself will impact the impression you give your opponents. The game starts before you sit down, and what you wear says a thousand words. Here are some tips to intimidate your opponents through your clothing. 

  1. Keep it simple. Don’t give away too much by wearing too many accessories or items of clothing that are more personal. Mystery is a move you should make as everyone is wary of the unknown. 
  2. Not too flashy. Don’t bust out the Rolex or the gold-studded cuff links for this game. Play the underdog that nobody will suspect or worry about. Take them by surprise. 
  3. Dress like you’re going to a job interview. You’re trying to impress, but still keep it professional. 

A Brief History of Casino Dress Codes

Casinos used to be reserved for the high-class individuals who had enough money to play around with. With this reputation came an unintentional dress code that boasted wealth and elegance. This has changed over the years, but the long-established casinos will still employ the same traditions.


Do your research! Don’t risk getting turned away. Most casino websites will incl