Whether gamers are completely new to online slots or have some experience, these tips will aid them greatly
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Dos and Don’ts of Playing Slots

October 31, 2023

Slots are extremely popular games in online casinos and are some of the most played titles.

However, it is clear that online slot gameplay differs from that of in-person facilities and therefore players should keep in mind a few important things.

Below are some valuable dos and don’ts for both seasoned and beginner players of online slots.

Do: Check the Game’s RTP

One of the biggest tips when starting with online slots is to check each title’s RTP or Return to Player rate. This number informs the user of the house edge that applies on average to each game.

Expressed in percentages, different titles will display varying RTP’s so it can be useful to take note of a slot’s unique number before beginning, allowing players to personalise their gameplay.

Don’t: Choose a Slot Without Knowing its Features

In the same way that RTP rates vary depending on the slot title, so do game features. For example, things like Wilds, Scatters, Multiplier Symbols and Free Spins may be present in certain games but not others.

Generally, most users are interested in tackling these additional features, but some may not be. For this reason, players should review a game’s information section and familiarise themselves with the features that are, or are not, offered during gameplay.

Do: Read Promo Terms

It is true that promotions are a big part of the online casino experience, whether it is a welcome offer for signing up or an opportunity to uncover Free Spins.

However, each of these promos will have different rules and regulations. For example, players should check things such as expiry dates, minimum bets, game limitations and wagering requirements as those factors may differ depending on the promotion.

At the end of the day promos exist to create some extra fun, so a good rule of thumb is to understand exactly what is provided before claiming them.

Don’t: Play Slots Whose Theme You Don’t Enjoy

Virtual slot titles are available in a variety of themes from different time periods and settings. Everything from a 1980’s dancefloor to the pyramids of Ancient Egypt can be explored during slot gameplay.

As technology continues to advance and developers get even better at designing visually appealing themes and characters, users have the option to pick a slot game that is tailored to their unique preferences and likings.

The bottom line: if there are certain titles whose themes you enjoy more than others, choose those over the ones you know will not be as entertaining for you.

There is bound to be a game that coincides with your interests. 

Certain slot selections can be played on a mobile device in addition to a desktop computer

                Certain slot selections can be played on a mobile device in addition to a desktop computer

Do: Choose your Preferred Playing Device in Advance

Because some games have both mobile and desktop versions, players should consider which type of device will best support their style of play.

Obviously, factors like screen size and display quality will be most affected.