Online slots have built on the offerings provided by brick and mortar casino complexes
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How Online & Land-Based Slots Differ

September 26, 2023

Slots have been around since the original Card Bell was first made by Charles August Fey in the late 1890s. This then transformed into the famous Liberty Bell machine that launched slots into the gaming mainstream.

Since those trailblazing days of slot machines being built in San Francisco basements, spinning reels have become a common sight everywhere from land-based casinos to those created for online players.

This is because the internet has given casino gamers many more options regarding when and where they can play.

Here we go in-depth into what sets online slots apart from the machines they were inspired by.

Online Slots Can Be Taken Anywhere

The most obvious difference between land-based slots and those found at online casinos are that the latter are not moored to a static power source or hefty piece of hardware.

Online slots can be played on mobile devices every bit as easily as they can be on a PC or laptop.

Promotions Keep Things Interesting

Connectivity is something that most land-based slot machines share with their online counterparts, with progressive jackpots and prize pools being played for across multiple venues and land-based machines. Of course, the same can apply with Jackpot Slots  at online casinos.

Online players of these slots can also take part in promotions, meaning they can collect points and climb leader boards. Some of these promotions can be personalised for an individual player, just as the gaming experience is personalised for players in land-based casinos by reception and waiting staff.

Matching symbols is the name of the game when it comes to all varieties of slot games

Matching symbols is the name of the game when it comes to all varieties of slot games

Online Casino Selections Continue to Grow

Brick and mortar casino complexes need huge amounts of floor space to house new slot games, whereas online casinos take a different approach, being hosted on servers that can be home to hundreds or thousands of slot titles.

Allied to this enormous amount of choice, online casinos collate all their games into handy themes and categories. This is similar to a player in a land-based casino following signs or floor markings showing them the way to the sorts of games they want to play.

New Titles Plugged in and Ready to Play

Another difference between playing online and gaming offline is that a new slot machine being delivered to a land-based casino needs to be plugged in and wheeled into position. At an online casino new titles are uploaded without the need of a physical machine.

Having detailed multiple differences between online and offline casinos, it is also worth pointing out a clear similarity, with both often having slot games that are exclusive to their respective website, complex, or app.