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Interesting Casinos to Check Out in Brussels

June 27, 2024

Visiting Brussels is always exciting. The beautiful architecture, the vibrant city centre, the wonderful culinary scene, and the lovely locals will keep you busy, no doubt, but what about enjoying some games while you’re in town? Brussels has a number of exciting casinos, full of enthralling games just waiting to be explored and experienced. These are our favourites.

Grand Casino Brussels Viage

Located in the historical heart of Brussels, the Grand Casino Brussels Viage is an imposing, glittering welcome to gambling in the city. The beautifully restored facade of what was once the Galeries Anspach greets you when you arrive- an homage to the old world that the building was once a part of. Inside, everything is fresh, new, and modern; there are 404 slot games, a WPT poker room set up to handle as many as 100 players, and 39 gaming tables, each managed by a well-trained croupier and casino staff. The contemporary design and bright decor are eye-catching and stimulating without being too distracting, and the international crowd drawn to the casino creates a lively atmosphere and offers lots of chances to connect with strangers who may become friends. The Village Grill is a great place for a hearty meal (grills and steaks), the Viage Chill offers delicious desserts, coffees, and pastries, and the CINNA Bar is the perfect spot to grab a nightcap at the end of the evening. When playing casino games or enjoying a meal, you want the best of the best, and this is it!

Napoleon Casino

Discover a thrilling experience at Napoleon Casino in Brussels. This casino really has its own unique style. The casino designers took inspiration from the man himself, Napoleon, when coming up with their design concept. Napoleonic colours, historical elements, and uniforms are woven into the design of all the casino halls and rooms in both 2 and 3D elements, and the overall effect gives the casino a stylish and well-put-together look. At Napoleon Casino, you can play classic casino games like American and French roulette, as well as more modern versions like Double Wheel roulette. Enjoy a variety of slot games or, as this casino calls them, dice games featuring many different themes and a number of jackpot options.

Casino Golden Palace Zenith

Another historically significant location, on the Place de Brouckère, waits to welcome you into an exciting, modern gambling palace. This 19th-century building (including a lavishly proportioned main hall and dome) is immense, but the Casino Golden Palace Zenith still manages to provide an intimate gaming experience. The casino is easily accessible for wheelchair-bound patrons, and there is a smoking room available should you need a cigarette break. Enjoy roulette, dice games, strategic dice games, slots, and complimentary Wi-Fi while you’re in the casino. Start your experience under the gorgeous central dome and chandelier, then move off the central floor into one of the dice or roulette areas for a well-rounded casino experience. Interested gamblers can also win exciting prizes in online giveaways with this casino too.

Brussels Casinos

When you find yourself at a loose end in Brussels or are looking for a little entertainment to pass the time, check out any one of these top-tier casinos. Enjoy safe, comfortable, and varied gaming when you take a chance at one of Brussels’ best casinos.