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Pucker Up This International Kissing Day

June 29, 2024

July 6th is a very special day for one reason: it is International Kissing Day! Of course, any day (and every day) is a good day to bestow a kiss on someone you love, but there’s something to be said for honouring a practice that binds us to our loved ones on one special day every year. Kissing Day originated in the UK but went international in the early 2000s. 

The aims of this day are many: to give you a chance and a good opportunity to finally kiss your crush on the cheek, to remind us that love is an important part of life and that a kiss is a wonderful thing for many reasons. The euphoria when you get a win at the casino tables, for example, prompts you to kiss those closest to you in celebration. It’s simple, it’s free, and it shares love with those around you. 

Why Do We Kiss Our Loved Ones?

Like many modern practices we still hold dear, kissing was passed down to us by the Romans. There were three forms of kiss back in their day: the osculum (a friendly kiss planted on the cheek), basium (a loving kiss on the lips), and savium (a passionate lover’s kiss). 

Though the most famous kissing term is probably the French kiss, it didn’t really come from the French at all. It is most likely that this term came from British and American servicemen posted in France during World War I. It was clear to the soldiers that Gallic women didn’t mind public displays of intimacy and frequently employed rather passionate kissing techniques than the American and British women they knew, who were more reserved.

There are many reasons that people kiss. A simple, chaste kiss can be a greeting and is employed, even when meeting complete strangers, in many parts of the world, mostly Europe. A kiss may be bestowed upon another to show your affection towards that person- either familial, friendly, or romantic. 

A study conducted last year pointed out that public displays of affection, primarily kissing, are strongly linked to real love and relationship satisfaction. You may kiss your significant other to tell them that you’re ready for a little intimate time together or to show them that you desire them. A kiss may be given to increase your emotional connection to your partner. The oxytocin released when you kiss can strengthen or forge an emotional bond- so do it as often as you can! A kiss can also be a litmus test for your feelings of attraction towards a potential partner. You might feel that this could be the beginning of a romance, but if you kiss and there’s no spark, you’re likely to be better off as friends.

Simple Pleasures

International Kissing Day began to remind us that love and beauty are all around us, even in the most seemingly mundane of situations. It is a reminder to us that a kiss can bring you closer to those around you and that it’s important to honour the connections we have in our lives. Whatever the kind of kiss you’re able to give or receive, that level of affection is special and should never be taken for granted, as human connection is so important in our lives. Giving a kiss can put a smile on the faces of both parties because it reminds them they have love in their lives.

How will you be celebrating International Kissing Day?