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The Best Jobs For Working in a Casino

April 22, 2024

The nightlife is teeming with possibilities and excitement, so why not make it a full-time thing? Casinos tend to be big operations with a lot of people making sure all the wheels are turning behind the scenes. In this guide, we cover the various roles you could take on to turn your fun into your career.

What different job roles are available in a casino?

The key skills of a casino worker differ from job to job. Here are a few of the roles out there if you are looking to get into casino work. 

  • Poker dealer: in order to become a casino employee, you’ll most likely go through an extensive training program that will enable you to be a dealer at some point. Dealers are responsible for running a game. This involves dealing cards, counting chips and ensuring the rules are being abided by. Most dealer positions, whether they’re poker or roulette dealers, will have a similar format and only change according to the game and dress code. 
  • Casino Cashier: the cashier is exactly what you think. You’re in charge of the cash and making sure that every note and every coin is accounted for. You make sure that the chips are controlled and everything is in check. 
  • Slots host: the job of a slots host is to be the face of it all. You greet guests and ensure that their every need is tended to. This role requires you to make every experience a personal one so you have to have an excellent memory. 
  • Slots technician: if you work well under pressure, here’s a role for you. You’ll have to work hard to fix and repair machines that crash or break down on the floor whilst there are customers still around. You have to carry out regular tests and checks on machines, so make sure you are an organised person. 
  • Count team member: casinos are all about numbers. If numbers are your thing, this is definitely a role you should consider. Your job on the count team is to make sure all the numbers add up and produce daily and monthly reports on the casino’s income and outgoings. Most casinos will require at least a bachelor’s degree for this one, as a small mistake can have a big impact. 
  • Surveillance officer: some people may try to pull tricks from time to time, and it’s the job of the surveillance officer to stop them. Surveillance officers have access to both audio and visual equipment that will help them stop people from stealing, cheating and breaking any other rules and regulations. To secure this job, you’ll need prior experience in a similar role and a hefty number of references. 

The most challenging jobs inside a casino

Working in a casino is not for the faint-hearted. Each and every one of the jobs will require you to work late evenings and into the mornings. Some will even require you to run the online casino portion of the business as a virtual dealer, which is a whole other ball game yet is still very interesting and fun. 

The most challenging roles in the casino workplace would have to be the count team member and the surveillance officer. It’s your job to make sure everything is done by the book and within the rules and regulations. When it works, it really pays off, and working in a casino can be one of the best jobs out there. 

Casino lifestyle – far more than just a casino

Working in a casino is far more than your average job. The community of people you spend your evenings working alongside becomes a very close-knit group of people. The atmosphere of a casino is always an infectious one, so why not work right in the middle of it every evening? You’ll even be able to try your hand at a few games in your free time.