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What are Casino Comps all About?

May 22, 2024

If you have hung out in a casino for any amount of time, you’ll have heard the term “comp.” What does it mean, though, and how do they work? That’s a great question. “Comp” is short for complimentary.

These are cool perks that casinos offer. They’re little additional benefits to the potential winnings. Still not sure what we’re talking about? That’s okay. Let’s clarify this concept a little more.

Understanding Casino Comps

As we said above, the term “comp” is short for complimentary. These are benefits that the casino offers as a big thank you for your custom.

They’re crafted to improve your gaming experience. Comps come in a wide range of options depending on the establishment you’re gaming in.

The casinos hope to foster a better connection with customers by offering these perks. It’s a very strategic move to express gratitude but also to build loyalty with you.

Types of Casino Comps

So, what kind of stuff are the casinos offering? There are a lot of different options, but here are some of the most common:

Freebies and Amenities

What’s better than free food, drinks, and snacks? Not much and casinos know this. They often offer these amenities and freebies, hoping to keep their players content and improve their experience overall.

Room and Accommodation Comps

For brick-and-mortar casinos, room comps are a big thing. Many casinos offer free rooms. This could be one night or even a weekend, but having a nice place for a getaway is always a good incentive.

Entertainment and Event Invitations

For those loyal players and high rollers, another available comp is free show and event tickets. This is quite the VIP experience and is maybe the biggest way casinos show they value you as a player and appreciate your patronage.

Earning Casino Comps

So, how do you earn these fantastic perks? The first thing you’ve got to know is that comps aren’t just handed out. You have to play a little, and each is usually tied to a specific tier of activity.

Here are some things to know when trying to get a good grasp on how to earn “comps”:

  • Loyalty programs are where it’s at! Many of the casinos out there reward their loyal customers with “comps.” Typically, you earn points as you play, and these accumulate, giving you access to a wide range of “comps.”
  • Getting engaged in casino activities is also an excellent way to earn “comps.” You see, casinos track player activity to determine the level of rewards they’re eligible for.
  • Casinos appreciate and acknowledge the significant contributions of players who bet big, making them eligible for even bigger rewards.

Redeeming Casino Comps

Knowing how to earn “comps” is just one step. On top of that, you need to understand the process or processes that you have to go through to redeem them, too! So, let’s look at that now to round out your knowledge of the “comp” system.

The very first thing that is vital to know is that you need to stay up to date on what the casino offers. This will allow you to really understand your options and to figure out which one meets your needs the best.

It is also always good to stay aware of the expiration dates and how many points you have accumulated. Why? It keeps you from missing out on all those fantastic perks you’ve worked to earn.

Also, making friends with the host or hostess isn’t a bad idea. These individuals often have control over the “comps” and their distribution. So, they’ve got the details on ways you can maximise your points when it comes to the cool perks.


“Comps” add an extra layer of fun when it comes to playing. They’re also a great incentive for players to spend a little extra time in the casinos. We hope that our look at them has helped you understand them just a little better.