Hold’em/Omaha Games

PokerStars offers ‘Hold’em/Omaha’ games which are a rotation of two games:

Playing Hold’em/Omaha

Hold’em/Omaha is played as one ‘round’ of each of its component games. It begins with No Limit Hold’em then switches to Pot Limit Omaha, playing each in rotation. A ‘round’ can be either six or nine hands, depending on the number of seats at the table. You can tell which game is being dealt by looking at the top border of the table window. Hold’em/Omaha tables are a great way to bring variety to your poker play without having to switch tables.

If you are not familiar with the particular rules of each of these games, please visit the pages for each by clicking the links above.

We also offer scheduled multi-table tournaments and Sit & Go’s in this mixed game format, which can easily be located using the ‘Game’ (desktop) or ‘Game Type’ (mobile) filters in their respective lobbies. In some cases, the game will be played as a mix of Pot Limit Hold’em and Pot Limit Omaha. Please check the tournament lobby for details.

Learn How to Play Hold’em/Omaha for Free

If you are unfamiliar with Hold’em/Omaha mix games, we recommend you try them out first to get a feel for how they’re played. You are always welcome to play on free poker tables at PokerStars, and sharpen your skills before playing real money poker.

Finally, if you like to play other Mixed Game variants, we recommend you check out our or our 8-Game Mix, another two mixes of popular poker games. These games are a nice change of pace from the popular Texas Hold’em game, and they are also available in our poker tournaments selection.

As well as Hold’em/Omaha, we also offer many other poker variants. See our Poker Games page to learn more.