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The PokerStars software gives you the best poker playing experience available anywhere online. From intuitive features for basic game play to sophisticated functionality for advanced users, we are continuously updating and enhancing the poker software so you can get the most out of your game.

Check below for the latest software news and updates, and try out the newest features when you play poker.

September 2015

  • Information Sharing Terms of Service dialog appearing on every log-in for some players has been corrected
  • Fix for Auto Rebuy (Tournaments) not working occasionally, showing error message
  • Fix for Tournament text filter enable/disable search control not working properly in some cases
  • Corrected Event filter which was not working properly in some cases
  • Fix for Event countdown banners getting stuck on time-to-event that showed at player login
  • Settings: improved toggle function for ‘Fold and Watch’ option while playing a Zoom hand so gameplay is not affected
  • Correction for Run it Twice not always recording the Turn in Hand History
  • Correction for Hand Replayer so that it shows the proper sequence for ‘Step Backward’
  • Added display of decimal point to Spin & Go spinner animation
  • Mac: Improved support for multiple virtual desktops so tables on secondary monitors render correctly
  • Mobile: Display messages announcing that support for Android 2.x will be dropped, recommending switch to Android 4 and above
  • Many other small bug fixes and improvements

August 2015

  • Improved client update process for Mac so client will start even if update process fails (unless existing client version is no longer valid)
  • Fix for table starters closing other tables with no one playing on them when the ‘Table Starter’ table begins
  • The ‘mobile’ icons indicating phone/tablet connections have been removed from all clients (desktop & mobile)
  • Fix for some older Macs being unable to deposit with the Poli deposit method
  • Extend satellites generation so they can start during late registration of their target to improve overall tournament participation.
  • Added a ‘Do not show again’ option to suppress some repetitive tournament registration confirmation and bust out messages
  • All phased tournaments (including final phases) are now governed by the new Phase variant in tournament filters
  • Mobile: corrected auto-center seating bug (which only affected iPhones)
  • Custom stakes ranges for Play Money cash games have been updated to better match games available in the All Games lobby

July 2015

  • Added support for Windows 10.
  • Changed ‘Main Lobby’ tab label in poker lobby header to ‘All Games’
  • Added ‘Phase’ option to Variant filters for Tournaments and Sit & Go tabs in the ‘All Games’ and ‘Favorites’ lobbies.
  • ‘Settings’ > ‘Table Display’: New option to control the player info tooltip on hover at game tables lets players choose between showing instantly, showing after a brief delay (0.5 sec) or not showing at all.
  • ‘Settings’ > ‘Table Theme’: Added ‘Spin & Go’ as an option in the ‘Apply To’ menu
  • Spin & Go observer table: Changed the ‘Play Now’ button to always show the buy-in dialog which asks for confirmation before seating player.
  • Improved client update process for Windows/PC, so that client starts even if update process fails (unless existing client version is no longer valid).
  • Fixed bug where Sit & Go text filter would sometimes not be applied after client restart.
  • Fixed bug where the Sit & Go details panel ‘More Details’ control setting was not preserved from session to session.
  • We now allow the ‘Help & Support’ utility to be accessed while not logged in (so players with log-in problems can get help through the utility).
  • Many other small bug fixes and improvements.

May 2015

  • Desktop: The ‘Minimum Players Enrolled’ filter in ‘Favorites’ now has a setting for ‘3’.
  • Desktop: Fixed an erroneous tooltip in HU Shootouts that said there were no byes.
  • Many other small bug fixes and improvements.

April 2015

  • Spin & Go tournaments launched via Play Now will now tile/cascade properly.
  • Fix for a crash occurring when changing time zones.
  • Performance improvements for tournament lobbies. Reduced animation lag on tables when lobbies are open.
  • Major performance improvement for Mac players who stack many tables.
  • Fix for an issue where turning on multiple filters in favorites could show games not in either filter.
  • Fix for the many PokerStarsBR.exe processes in the task manager - this will be a big performance improvement for some players with low amounts of RAM.
  • Sports betting has been added to various regions where legally available. 
  • Many other smaller bug fixes/improvements.

February & March 2015

  • Various bug fixes and improvements.

January 2015

  • We are finalizing the launch of PokerStars 7 and retiring the previous PokerStars client. We hope to fully complete this process over the coming months.
  • PokerStars 7 is the next generation of poker clients; it is fully customizable, simple to use, and contains many improvements to the new player experience. However, for fans of our previous client, all is not lost; PokerStars 7 can be customized to look and feel like PokerStars 6. For more information, visit the PokerStars 7 section, or email our support team.
  • PokerStars Casino games are also now available in eligible countries, giving players the chance to enjoy exciting games like Roulette and Blackjack, with more games to come in the near future.

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