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With the last weekend of MicroMillions 12 fast approaching, it’s worth recapping on what is still to come, with 33 events left to play.

This coming Sunday is obviously the big finale, with the Main Event beginning on Sunday July 31 at 14:00 ET. The buy in? A whopping $22 (well whopping for MicroMillions), but with the added bonus of a $1 million guaranteed prize pool.


Before that though there’s the Main Event VIP Bash on Saturday July 30 at 13:00 ET. This has a 100 StarsCoin buy-in with 200 seats added.

As well as the events still to come there’s the issue of the Last Man Standing, or, as Team Pro Online Adrienne “talonchick” Rowsome rightly pointed out (given she’s still in the running) the “Last Player Standing”.

If you remember there’s $1,000 to be won by the player who cashes the most days in a row, starting from Day 1. More than 18,000 players cashed back then and after 11 days of play 97 remain in contention – including Rowsome.

That’s all to come, this weekend. For now here are the latest overnight results from MicroMillions 12.

60 $2.20 6195 $15,000.00 OpalevaLena Russia $1,227.30
61 $4.40 3254 $15,000.00 PUWKIN-PUSH Ukraine $1,442.85
62 $3.30 16948 $25,422.00 treidei3 Romania $2,759.58
63 $5.50 14883 $75,000.00 Bonnerup21 Denmark $8,774.23
64 $2.20 7272 $78,384.00 So.Bmw Greece $11,134.99
65 $1.10 12552 $12,552.00 MrWhite UK $1,400.00
66 $4.40 9654 $40,000.00 Mecaio Brazil $3,636.90

For more details, including all the remaining tournaments as well as how to qualify for each of them – including the Main Event on Sunday – check out the MicroMillions homepage.

MicroMillions is a great way to build a bank roll and get started as a poker player. Click here to get a PokerStars account.

Stephen Bartley is a staff writer for the PokerStars Blog. Follow him on Twitter: @StephenBartley.

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