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The ever-popular MicroMillions returns to PokerStars next week, promising 122 tournaments with thousands of players in each, but none costing more than $22 to play.

In fact, the $22 event is a total outlier — it’s the Main Event, of which more later — with the vast majority of tournaments costing $5.50 or less. Thirty-four tournaments have an entry of only $1.10, so this truly is the tournament series for players of all budgets.

Just because there’s a small entry fee, it doesn’t mean the prizes are inconsequential. Far from it. Across the series, there’s more than $4.7 million in guaranteed prize pools, with two tournaments boasting $1 million guarantees.

There are at least 10 tournaments per day for the series’ 12-day duration, with all poker variants covered. There will be something for absolutely everybody.


The standout is, of course, the Main Event, which starts at 1pm (ET) on Sunday, 25 July. It’s an eight-max, no limit hold’em affair with a $22 buy-in and $1 million guaranteed.

The previous weekend, the Sunday Storm marks its birthday with a special anniversary running. The event has a buy-in of only $11, but there’s an incredible $1 million prize-pool for this one as well.

There were 48,812 entries to the Main Event last time, and the winner, Austria’s “ibotown”, took $120,951 for a famous victory.

This year we aim to match that, at least. Here are all the crucial details:

MicroMillions 2021 Key Facts

Dates: Thursday, July 15 – Monday, July 26

Tournaments: 122

Buy-ins: Five price points: $1.10, $3.30, $5.50, $11 and $22

Variants: NL hold’em, NL Omaha, 5-Card Draw, HORSE, Fusion, Showtime Hold’em, Fl hold’em, 8-Game, NL 2-7 Single Draw, 6+ Hold’em, Stud Hi/Lo, 5-Card PLO, Courchevel, FL 2-7 Triple Draw, PLO8, Stud, Razz, 5-Card NLO8, Badugi.


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