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Quarter of a mil. That’s nothing to sneeze at. Heck, I’d sneeze every 3 minutes for a 24 hour period if I knew I could win $250K in cash! Luckily, no one had to sneeze nonstop and become a public health risk in order to win SCOOP Event #30-H 6-Max NL. Simply old-fashioned no-limit hold’em poker in the 6-pack variety.

This 6-Max final table included a pair of Sunday Million winners and a couple SCOOP champions. Anthony “wwwBTHEREcom” Gregg attempted to win another SCOOP title, but he fell short of the mark when he busted in fifth place. Adrian “Amadi_017” Mateos and Luuk “pokerkluka” Gieles chopped up the money when it got heads-up. pokerkluka? I know, I know… his name sounds so familiar. I think he lives up stairs from you, you might have seen him before.

Moments after the heads-up deal, the entire server went down due to connectivity issues and action was paused across the board until the issue got resolved. After an unscheduled hour-long break, the final two resumed play and Amadi_017 became the ultimate winner. As per terms of the deal, he earned $234,030.07… a few bucks shy of a quarter of a mil, but a well-earned payday nonetheless.


Runner-up for Luuk “pokerkluka” Giele

A total of 693 runners took a shot at SCOOP Event #30-H $2,100 NL 6-Max. Only the top 90 places paid out with $249,480.00 set aside to the champ. This event had a $1 million guarantee and the prize pool topped $1.3M.

Only 49 players survived the cut in this two-day affair. Jakeeeeeeeee bagged up the most chips and finished in the top spot on the leader board at the end of Day 1. A pair of Team PokerStars Pros — Leo Fernandez and Igor Kurganov — were still left in the hunt, but they were both short-stacked.

Igor Kurganov busted early on Day 2 in 44th place. Leo Fernandez put up a good fight at the start of Day 2, but he barely lasted an hour before he finally succumbed in 33rd place. With 2 tables to go, the action slowed down significantly while Amadi_017 accumulated a 4M stack… or twice as much as anyone else. Day 1 chip leader Jakeeeeeeeee busted in 11th place. The U.K.’s flong78, who shipped Event #18-H last week, missed a third table this Spring when he busted in 8th place.

yurasov1990 bubbled off the final table in seventh place when pocket tens were no match against Amadi_017’s pocket Queens. The final six were set and Amadi_017 held a comfortable lead.


Event #30-H – Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: Amadi_017 (5,630,333)
Seat 2: ross_654 (2,441,503)
Seat 3: pokerkluka (1,264,535)
Seat 4: wwwBTHEREcom (2,684,738)
Seat 5: WATnlos (859,502)
Seat 6: LEXER1986 (979,389)

The final table commenced during level 28 with blinds at 12K/204K and a 3K ante. Bigstacked Amadi_017 led with 5.6M, while LEXER1986 and WATnlos both had short stacks under 1M.

Notables at the final table included… Holland’s Luuk “pokerkluka” Gieles won a SCOOP in 2014 in Draw Poker and TCOOP in 2014... LEXER1986 won the Sunday Million on 2016… WATnlos chopped the Sunday Warm-Up in 2011… Anthony Gregg playing under wwwBTHEREcom won a Sunday Million in 2011 and a SCOOP back in 2013. In the live arena, he won nearly $12M… including the WSOP One Drop in 2013 for a $4.8 million score. He’s been a runner-up at the PCA in 2009 and 2016 and a familiar face at high roller events.

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GET INNOCUOUS: ross_654 eliminated in 6th place

Mellow first hour at the final table. During Levels 28-29, ross_654 lost the most chips and tumbled to the basement as the shorty with 560K. Amadi_017 chipped up to 6M and wwwBTHEREcom was second with 2.4M. LEXER1986 was no longer the short stack and doubled in size.

The first blood spilled during Level 30… and then it got ugly. Fast. Short-stacked ross_654 was one double up away from potentially finding a way into the gold rush. ross_654 picked a spot with A10. LEXER1986 sent 33 into battle. ross_654 flopped a Broadway gutshot draw, but never got there. pocket treys held up for LEXER1986. For a sixth-place finish in this 6-max event, ross_654 earned $41,580.00. With five to go, Amadi_017 led with 6.2M and WATnlos was the new shorty with 595K.

SOMEONE GREAT: wwwBTHEREcom eliminated in 5th place

The decisive hand occurred several orbits earlier. Locked in the basement, shorty WATnlos doubled up with 107 versus wwwBTHEREcom’s KJ. WATnlos flopped the joint to chip up to 1.1M and get that cute puppy head of an avatar above water. Quick reversal of fortunes. wwwBTHEREcom found himself clinging to life as a shorty. Alas, too late, for beginnings.

All the money went in on the flop of 974. wwwBTHEREcom made a final stand with K10 and a flush draw versus Amadi_017’s 44 and set of fours. The board paired on the turn with the 7 and Amadi_017 improved to a full house. wwwBTHEREcom rivered a flush with 8, but it was not strong enough to beat Amadi_017. Anthony ‘wwwBTHEREcom’ Gregg busted in fifth place. He won $69,300.00.

With four to go, Amadi_017 led with 8M and WATnlos shortstacked brought up the rear with 985K.


5th for wwwBTHEREcom

ALL MY FRIENDS: WATnlos eliminated in 4th place

After the first two levels at the final table, it appeared we know we’re gonna be up late. And if the sun comes up… if the sun comes up, so be it. But Level 30 flipped the script and no one will have to stagger home. We saw a third consecutive elimination. WATnlos had no choice bit to to meet their inevitable fate. The comeback came apart, the way it did in bad Hollywood films. WATnlos five-bet shoved and attempted to double up with A4 but LEXER1986 woke up with JJ. LEXER1986 turned a full boat and that’s all she wrote. Germany’s WATnlos was knocked out in fourth place and took home $97,020.00.

With three to go, Amadi_017 led with 8M, followed by LEXER1986’s 3.1M and pokerkluka’s 2.7M.

US v THEM: LEXER1986 eliminated in 3rd place

Aces vs. the world. It’s never a clever, not angelic outcome when Aces get cracked. Alas, it’s an ugly part of the game. The board read 96237. LEXER1986 shoved with AA. pokerkluka snap-called with QJ. Aces led all the way until fifth street, when pokerkluka rivered a Queen-high flush. Aces snapped off. Ouch. !@#$%! LEXER1986 was knocked out in third place, which paid out $138,600.00.

HEADS-UP: Amadi_017 (U.K.) vs. pokerkluka (Netherlands)
Seat 1: Amadi_017 (7,7607,49)
Seat 3: pokerkluka (6,099,251)


Amadi_017 led with 8M and pokerkluka had 5.8M. Any deal had to leave $20K on the table to the winner. The numbers were initially floated: Amadi_017 $211,530.07 and pokerkluka $205,059.93. Amadi_017 asked for 4K more. pokerkluka counter-offered 1K.

“I don’t like to play 60k HU SNG,” said pokerkluka.

Amadi_017 said, “2.5K or play.”

The two agreed on these terms: Amadi_017 $214,030.07 and pokerkluka $202,559.93 With a deal in place, action resumed.



Some good sportsmanship from Amadi_017. pokerkluka had serious connectivity issues, so he asked for a short break while he went to play at a different location. He asked for 20 minutes and Amadi_017 agreed. Turns out it was a site-wide connectivity issue, so all SCOOP tables were paused while they investigated.

This break began at 3:02pm and lasted for approximately an hour. Both players patiently waited for action to resume. Amadi_017 led 7.1M to 6.7M.

SOUND OF SILVER: pokerkluka eliminated in 2nd place

The two were even in chips after playing small ball during the first thirty minutes of heads-up. Then things got weird over the next ten minutes. Forty minutes into heads-up, pokerkluka led 8.6M to 5.2M. On the next deal, pokerkluka got his hand caught in the cookie jar. pokerkluka missed a flush draw with 76 on a board on KKQ44, but shoved anyway for 6,481,318. Amadi_017 made a sick hero call (all-in for 3.6M) with AJ for nothing but Ace-high kicker! And it was good. Heck of a bluff catcher. Amadi_017 won that pot worth 11M and pokerkluka was down to 2.8M. Nine hands later…that’s all she wrote. The demise was like a feelings dump on Tumblr from a real life emotional teenager.

Going into the final hand, pokerkluka was down to 1.6M. pokerkluka attempted to double up with KJ against Amadi_017’s 22. Pocket deuces held up for Amdadi_017.

For a runner-up finish, pokerkluka took home $202,559.93.

Congrats to Amadi_017 for winning SCOOP Event #30-H. First place paid out $234,030.07.


SCOOP-30-H ($2,100 NLHE [6-Max]) results
Total entries: 693
Prize pool: $1,386,000
Places paid: 90

1. Amadi_017 (United Kingdom) $234,030.07*
2. Luuk “pokerkluka” Gieles (Netherlands) $202,559.93*
3. LEXER1986 (Ukraine) $138,600.00
4. WATnlos (Germany) $97,020.00
5. Anthony “wwwBTHEREcom” Gregg (Canada) $69,300.00
6. ross_654 (Mexico) $42,580.00

* Denotes a deal between the final two players

Visit the SCOOP home page for a schedule of remaining events. Plus, find out who was in contention Player of the Series.

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Pauly McGuire is a freelance contributor to PokerStars. Final table recap album of the day: “Sound of Silver” by LCD Soundsystem.

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