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The 2021 Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP) is now complete and, after such an exciting series, we have to say we’re sad to see it go.

But there’s no need to retire back to a warm bed and sleep for days yet – the party isn’t over. And for those didn’t score last time, this might be the beginning.

Welcome to the SCOOP Afterparty!

The series is running now until 18 May. You’ll find 60 events on the schedule, which makes for 180 tourneys across three buy-in levels. This is a “mini-series”, but prize pools are still pretty epic with over $27 million guaranteed.

In this post, we’ll take a detailed look at the Afterparty; the numbers, key dates, and highlight events.


Sunday 16 May.
#52: Second Chance Main Events [NLHE]
Buy-ins: $55, $530, $5,200
Guarantees: $1M, $1.5M, $1.5M

The Main Events take place on Sunday 16 May. These are the parties that you don’t want to miss – one for each respective buy-in. This is your second chance to show the poker world your finest moves and hopefully end the night on a high. But enough of that. Pointless metaphors are not needed here. These are huge tourneys. The $55 buy-in level has $1M gtd, and both the medium and high events have a $1.5M guarantee. That alone should be enough to attract attention to these marquee events.

Sunday 9 May
#25: Sunday Million SE/Sunday HR
$55, $215, $1,050
Guarantee: $500k, $1M, $1M

Event #25 is comprised of three special edition tourneys offering a combined total of $2.5M in guaranteed prizes. The $55 Mini Sunday Million has a tantalizing $500k guarantee, ideal for low-mid stakes players who want to get involved. The Sunday Million will be running at the old school buy-in of $215 with $1M gtd. For high stakes players, the $1,050 Sunday HR will also have a $1M guarantee. These tourneys take place on the first Sunday of the Afterparty.

Thursday 13 May
#09/#38: Thursday Thrill SE

Buy-ins: $22, $109, $530
Guarantees: $150k, $400k, $500k

Look out for the special edition SCOOP Afterparty Thursday Thrills, taking place on both weeks of the calendar (Event #09 and #38). However, the second week is particularly high octane (Event #38). On this occasion, the Thrill will be running at $530 – half the usual buy-in – with a guarantee of $500k. The low and medium events will both have boosted prize pools, making for combined totals of over $1M across all three. That’s exceptional stuff for a midweek event.


The SCOOP Afterparty schedule reflects the popularity of Texas Hold’em, but there’s also loads on offer for players who enjoy Omaha, Stud, Draw and mixed-games. Here’s a breakdown of the Afterparty by tournament format.

No Limit Hold’em:
135 tournaments (45 events)

Other hold’em:
Fixed-limit Hold’em: Event #29 (6-max)
6+ Hold’em: Event #43 (6-max)

Pot Limit Omaha: #3 (6-max), #24 (6-max), #46 (6-max, PKO), #59 (6-max)
5-Card PLO: #35 (6-max)
NL Omaha Hi/Lo: Events #19 (8-max), #53 (6-max, PKO)
PL Omaha Hi/Lo: Event #32 (6-max)
Fusion: Event #10 (6-max)

Seven-card Stud: Event #57 (8-max)

Mixed games:

Knockout Poker

There’s plenty of PKO action in the SCOOP Afterparty

8-Game: Events #17 (6-max)
HORSE: Events #6 (8-max), #48 (8-max)

There are 75 tournaments (25 events) played with a Progressive Knockout bounty format. On top of that, Event #36 is a PKO 100% KO tourney, and Event #42 adopts a Heads-up TKO Zoom format.


Most tourneys on the Afterparty schedule are regular speed or slow blinds, reflecting the generous structures of SCOOP. If you’re looking for fast-paced action, you’re still well catered for. Check out the following hyper-turbo and turbo events:

Turbos: Events #11, #15, #20, #26, #27, #28, #33, #36, #37, #42, #54, #55, #60
Hyper-turbo: Event #21 (4-max)

That’s 13 turbo events – 39 tourneys across all buy-in levels – to watch out for, along with one hyper turbo event (three tourneys).


No. of events: 60
No. of tournaments: 180
Lowest buy-in: $2.20 (15 tournaments available)
Highest buy-in: $5,200 (#52-H: Main Event)

Total series buy-in: $19,922 (one entry to every tournament)
Total series guarantees: $24,065,000
Highest guarantee: $1.5M (#52-M and #52-H Main Events)


Below you can find the full schedule for all 180 tournaments. The table is searchable, so you can use keywords like “Main Event” or “PKO” to find what you’re looking for. To register, head to the PokerStars lobby and click the “SCOOP Afterparty” tab.

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