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Jose María Borrego Nieto is a 32-year-old from Estepona, Spain, although he has a different flag next to his screen name “Diplomatic_Boy” on PokerStars.

Nieto has lived in Andorra for the past 18 months where he cuts his teeth as a professional tournament poker player. He took down the country’s second Spring Championship of Online Poker title when he won the 72-L: $109 NLHE 8-Max Mini Super Tuesday event for $91,445, a career-best.

“With around 50 left I had several coolers and flips go my way,” he says. “At the final table I entered with a decent stack and although there were some ups and downs, I came to victory. Without a doubt, a big-field tournament is impossible to win without luck in many moments.”

Indeed, the event he won had 6,435 entries and had a tough final table featuring Kalidou “KalidouSow” Sow (9th), Gianluca “Tankanza” Speranza (4th), and Czech pro “vojta555cz”. However, there was one moment in particular when Nieto realised he could win it all. “I won a big pot with AQ vs AJ blind vs blind when there were 5 or 6 players left. That was the key moment for me.”


Nieto began playing poker with friends at the age of 18 and instantly became passionate about the game. He turned pro around five years ago and has been grinding tournaments ever since. “I hadn’t played any SCOOP events until recently,” he says. “But I’m now very happy I get to play the best online poker series in the world.”

Just as many of the game’s greats do, Nieto credits those around him for helping him take big strides in improving his poker. “I surround myself with friends and very good players and that has been a significant change for the better. Learning to study and dedicating many hours to it has been key.”

Nieto dedicates so many hours to poker that even a $91,445 score won’t impact his work ethic. “It will not change my approach at all, nor my selection of tournaments,” he says. “The win is simply a push for me to keep fighting at the tables and try to improve as a player.”

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