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Already the winner of two SCOOP titles in this decade, Charlie “JIZOINT” Combes had come close to victory in the Super Tuesday a few times in the past. He finished runner-up to Pollopopeye in what was at the time the biggest Super Tuesday of all time, back in 2013, and was a finalist in one of WCOOP 2016’s Super Tuesday Special Edition events. Tonight he made another appearance at the Super Tuesday final table. Starting off in the middle of the pack, he drifted to short-stack status and things looked grim. Then things took off for him and, after a tough and determined performance, he outlasted the field for a $75K victory.


Charlie Combes, a Super Tuesday champion at last

This week’s Super Tuesday field was nearly identical to last week’s, with the field at 414 players – just two players less than the 416 on October 18th – as late registration closed. That set up a $414,000 prize pool to be split among the top 55 finishers, with a $75,029.01 prize waiting up top. It took another three hours for the money bubble to arrive, and close to half an hour then for David “dpeters17” Peters, who took down the Sunday Million yesterday for $143K, to bust in 56th place. With everyone else guaranteed a payday, the race was on.

Another three hours of play took the field down to its final bubble. For 18 minutes the question of who would be the last to bust before the final table hung in the air. Then bigboss827 moved in with A 9, NEED100KFAST called with A J, and the kickers ended up playing to knock out bigboss827 in 10th place. That set up these nine players for a chance at this week’s Super Tuesday title:

Seat 1: XxKira89xX (669,022 in chips)
Seat 2: Pablo “gordijú” Gordillo (1,465,318 in chips)
Seat 3: trickyone14 (1,113,897 in chips)
Seat 4: GoodLuck2968 (1,369,690 in chips)
Seat 5: sanmarremwul (596,614 in chips)
Seat 6: majkl1812 (421,528 in chips)
Seat 7: NEED100KFAST (1,241,427 in chips)
Seat 8: Charlie “JIZOINT” Combes (897,642 in chips)
Seat 9: raulxx14 (2,574,862 in chips)

JIZOINT stole the blinds and antes on the first pot, but the action got started in earnest on the next hand. majkl1812, a WCOOP 2013 finalist with a Sunday Warm-Up final table appearance earlier this year, was second to act and moved all-in for 415K with J J. Past Super Tuesday finalist WCOOP 2016 runner-up NEED100KFAST was the next to act and re-raised all-in for 1.23M to isolate, turning over K K when the rest of the table folded. NEED100KFAST flopped a set and turned a full house on the 10 K 2 10 7 board, and majkl1812 left in ninth.

Super Tuesday 10-25-16 ft.jpg

Stolen blinds and antes remained the standard over the next 15 minutes, with only three hand going as far as the flop and one other pot being won with a four-bet before the flop. But when WCOOP 2016 Wrap-Up Event finalist XxKira89 made the standard play in the cutoff with a raise to 77K, the next bustout was lurking right around the corner. First trickyone14, who made a Super Tuesday final in 2012 and chopped the Sunday Warm-Up three ways in 2015, re-raised all-in for 1.03M in the small blind. Then GoodLuck2968 made it four bets and 1.28M to go. Both bets had XxKira89xX covered, driving the player from Malta out of the pot and leaving GoodLuck2968’s A K heads-up with trickyone14’s A 9. The kickers played on the 3 3 4 J 2 board, giving GoodLuck2968 the 2.17M-chip pot and trickyone14 a cashout in eighth.

Six hands later a desperate sanmarremwul opened all-in under the gun for just five big blinds, holding Q 10, and XxKira89xX moved in for 510K on the button to isolate with 6 6. The play worked and then XxKira89xX caught middle set on the flop and a sixes full of deuces on the river of the K 6 2 A 2, sending sanmarremwul to the rail in seventh.

Super Tuesday 10-25-16 ft six-handed.jpg

Those three quick knockouts redistributed the chips at the table so that almost everyone had at least 20 big blinds to work with, even after the jump to 20K/40K/4K blinds and antes. Only JIZOINT was further back, but after dropping a few pots in a row he was joined by Pablo “gordijú” Gordillo, a past Sunday Warm-Up and SCOOP 2015 finalist who once won the Sunday Kick Off, the Sunday Storm, and The Bigger $55 all in a single day. A standoff between the two ended with gordijú backing down after JIZOINT check-raised all-in on the turn of a Q 6 9 10 board, and suddenly it was gordijú occupying the bottom spot on the leaderboard. Three hands later he defended his big blind with 8 5 against a button min-raise from raulxx14, caught middle pair with a flush draw on the 3 A 8 flop, and check-raised all-in when raulxx14 bet 80K. raulxx14 called with A 10 for top pair, which despite being a slim underdog at 49-percent equity on the flop managed to hold up after the J turn and J river to sink gordijú in sixth.

NEED100KFAST and GoodLuck2968 were now holding 74 and 68 big blinds, respectively, at the top of the leaderboard with the table five-handed. Another seven big blinds back was raulxx14, before the drop-off to XxKira89xX at 34 big blinds. Bringing up the rear was JIZOINT, who looked likely to be the next player out not just at this point in the tournament, but for much of its next hour as well. The next 94 hands saw him survive all-in situations twice, both times as the shortest stack at the table.

He caught a break in the first of those two hands, which came just eight hands after gordijú’s departure, flopping an ace with A 10 after re-raising all-in from the small blind following NEED100KFAST’s button raise with 10 10. That win gave JIZOINT 1.66M chips to work with, and other than playing a few top-10 starting hands, he mostly stayed out of the way, sandwiched between the two other shortest stacks as he was. Then he picked up K K under the gun on the same hand that dealt 9 9 to XxKira89xX on the button, and the kings held up after the predictable clash to give JIZOINT a 2.1M-chip stack. The pot was only worth just over 20 big blinds, but it also put JIZOINT ahead of both raulxx14 and NEED100KFAST – and that distinction proved important a few minutes later.

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JIZOINT picked up Q Q on that hand and opened for 140K, then called when raulxx14 jammed for 1.48M in the small blind with K Q. The case queen fell on the J 2 Q flop, which gave JIZOINT top set and a 92.1-percent chance to win the pot. raulxx14’s backdoor Broadway draw died on the 3 turn, and the player from Romania left in fifth.

That 3.06M-chip pot gave JIZOINT the chip lead with 4.3M as the second and final break approached. GoodLuck2968 was in second with 2.9M, nearly equal to the combined stacks of XxKira89xX and NEED100KFAST. The situation had the potential to move toward parity, especially given the previous hour of play. Instead it moved in the other direction, with JIZOINT consolidating the lead and putting the tournament away in short order.

The beginning came when NEED100KFAST was dealt 9 9 in the small blind and limp-jammed when JIZOINT raised in the big blind. It turned out that initial raise was backed up by A A. NEED100KFAST needed a set and caught one with the 9 on the flop, but it was negated by the A that also fell on the flop. Top set held up on the turn and river, and NEED100KFAST was gone in fourth.

Super Tuesday 10-25-16 ft three-handed.jpg

JIZOINT picked up Q Q three hands later heads-up with GoodLuck2968 and extracted some value out of position before shutting down with the K out on the board. The queens were good at showdown when GoodLuck2968 mucked, dropping the South Korean player’s stack to 1.64M, still ahead of XxKira89xX’s 1M but far behind JIZOINT’s 7.67M. Another 20 hands of small-ball came and went before two big pots helped JIZOINT roll up his long-awaited Super Tuesday victory.

Dealt J J on the button in the first hand, JIZOINT min-raised and then called when GoodLuck2968 jammed for 1.1M with A 2 in the big blind. The board fell K 5 Q K 3, the jacks held up, and GoodLuck2968 was out in third.

XxKira89xX opened the next hand for 154K on the button and JIZOINT, holding 10 9 in the big blind, called to see a 6 7 J flop. He led for 168K with the gutshot straight draw, then called when XxKira89xX raised to 368K. That brought the K on the turn, improving JIZOINT to a double-gutshot draw, and he check-called another 425K there to bring the Q on the river. One more check prompted XxKira89xX to move all-in for 1.47M – an easy call for JIZOINT with the second-nut straight, and a tough beat for XxKira89xX, who had played A A patiently only to lose to a well-disguised straight.

The $55K XxKira89xX earned as runner-up should help to ease the pain of having aces cracked on the final hand. JIZOINT can testify to the restorative power of a good runner-up prize – the $90K he earned as runner-up in 2013 remains the biggest online cash of his career, even after winning tonight’s tournament for $75K. Congratulations to both players on navigating through a tough field to take the top honors in this week’s Super Tuesday!

10/25/16 Super Tuesday ($1,050 NL Hold’em) results
Entrants: 414
Total prize pool: $414,000
Places paid: 55

1. Charlie “JIZOINT” Combes (United Kingdom) $75,029.01
2. XxKira89xX (Malta) $55,148.81
3. GoodLuck2968 (South Korea) $40,536.31
4. NEED100KFAST (Sweden) $29,975.58
5. raulxx14 (Romania) $21,900.80
6. Pablo “gordijú” Gordillo (United Kingdom) $16,097.85
7. sanmarremwul (Norway) $11,832.45
8. trickyone14 (United Kingdom) $8,697.27
9. majkl1812 (Czech Republic) $6,392.82

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Jason Kirk is a Freelance Contributor to PokerStars Blog.

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