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It is already guaranteed to be a spectacular 11 days of poker, but a recent announcement confirmed even more excitement for the upcoming visit to Monte Carlo of the European Poker Tour (EPT).

Every day from April 24 through May 1, EPT players can join exclusive All In Shootouts — entirely free to enter — with the daily winner earning a Silver Power Path ticket worth €2,300 or $2,500*.

That’s eight days of incredible freerolls, with more than $16,000 in tournament tickets to be given away.

The only requirement is that players link their PokerStars ID with their PS Live account — a move that in itself helps make everything run more smoothly at PokerStars’ live events.


If you do not already have a PSLive account linked to a PokerStars ID, head to PokerStars Live Sign-Up Desk or Information Desk at EPT Monte Carlo and arrange the link-up. It takes a matter of seconds.

You’ll automatically receive a reward of an exclusive Chest Drop into your PokerStars account. The chest will contain a Power Path ticket, with a minimum value of $11/€10*. (It could be up to $109/€100*.)

You’ll then also be eligible to play the daily All In Shootout, which takes place at 19:30 every day. Registration for this daily event is from 19:00 behind the PokerStars Information Desk in the venue lobby.

Everyone who has a PSLive account linked to a PokerStars ID on any of the .fr, .uk, .eu, .it or .com clients is eligible. .es accounts need to have been registered for at least 30 days.


Eligible players will find their seat at one of numerous nine-handed tables and play one hand of crazy pineapple poker. Everyone is all-in immediately, and you’ll only see this one hand.

In crazy pineapple, you’re dealt three hole cards face down and then see a flop. After the flop, you discard one of your hole cards leaving you with a more conventional hold’em hand.

The turn and river then decide the winner. That person wins the table, immediately gets an $11/€10* Power Path ticket, and moves on to the final to be held at 20:00. (If there’s a chopped pot, those players go again.)

The same process applies at the final, where another round of Crazy Pineapple takes place and one player is declared the overall winner!

Crazy Pineapple Shootouts have been a staple of PokerStars live events for years


The overall daily champion gets either a Silver Power Path Pass worth €2,300, if the player’s account is registered in the FR/ES/IT clients, or a Silver SCOOP Power Path bundle worth $2,500 if they play on the .COM client.

The SCOOP bundle is as follows.

SCOOP Main Event Ticket Bundle
2x $1,050 SCOOP 2024 Main Event Ticket
2x $109 SCOOP 2024 Main Event Ticket
8x $22 SCOOP 2024 Ticket
T$ 6

These All-In Shootouts are always ridiculous amounts of fun, even if you don’t land the top prize. So make sure to link your PokerStars ID to your PS Live account and join the freeroll fun.

*dependent on jurisdiction. FR/ES/IT players win euro amount; COM players win in dollars.

Note: offer only available to players with .com, .eu, .uk, .fr, .it and fully verified .es accounts registered for at least 30 days. Full T&Cs apply (available at PSLive sign-up desk). Players can enter one shootout only.


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