Saturday Line- Up Tourneys

The Saturday Line-Up is an exciting schedule of major guaranteed tournaments for all players running every week. There are eight tournaments in total, with buy-ins ranging from $2.22 to $320.

Satellites are available during the week for all of the major Saturday tournaments, letting you secure your seat for less. To find a satellite, search for ‘Saturday’ in the ‘Tournaments’ tab (desktop) or via the ‘Tourney’ tab in the Lobby (mobile). Alternatively, go to the ‘Online Events’ tab and find the ‘Saturday Line-up’ in the desktop client.

Saturday 6-Max

Saturday 6-Max When: 07:00 ET (13:00 CET)
Game: No Limit Hold'em 6-Max
Buy-In: $22
Guarantee: $20,000

The Saturday Line-Up begins with the Saturday 6-Max, a short-handed tournament with six players per table. The buy-in is $22, and the start time is perfect for players in Europe.

Saturday Micro

Saturday Micro When: 08:00 ET (14:00 CET)
Game: No Limit Hold’em
Buy-In: $3.30
Guarantee: $20,000

The Saturday Micro has a low buy-in of $3.30, but a big guarantee of $20,000. It’s a great tournament for new players to get a feel for major tournament action.

Saturday Omaha

Saturday Omaha When: 09:00 ET (15:00 CET)
Game: Pot Limit Omaha
Buy-In: $55
Guarantee: $10,000

Here’s where it gets interesting. This tournament is played in the Omaha poker variant, a game that has plenty of action, and with a $10,000 guarantee the Saturday Omaha is huge. There’s also a $55 Pot Limit Omaha Hi/Lo tourney every Saturday at 13:15 ET (19:15 CET), with a $10,000 guarantee!

Saturday Eliminator

Saturday Eliminator When: 10:00 ET (16:00 CET)
Game: No Limit Hold’em
Buy-In: $27
Guarantee: $60,000

The Saturday Eliminator sits in the middle of the Saturday Line-up schedule, with a medium-stakes buy-in of $27. It attracts all types of player, and the action is intense.

Saturday Splash

Saturday Splash When: 11:00 ET (17:00 CET)
Game: No Limit Hold’em, 3xTurbo
Buy-In: $2.22+R
Guarantee: $60,000

If you like your action fast, the Saturday Splash is for you. It has the lowest buy-in on the Saturday Line-Up schedule, with the fastest structure, and there’s a big $60,000 guarantee too.

Saturday Super-Knockout

Saturday Knockout When: 13:00 ET (19:00 CET)
Game: No Limit Hold’em (Super-Knockout)
Buy-In: $320
Guarantee: $200,000

The Super-Knockout is the jewel in the crown of the Saturday Line-Up. In additional to a huge prize pool, it’s also a knockout format tourney, which means you win a bounty every time you eliminate a player!

Saturday Duel

Saturday Duel When: 15:30 ET (21:30 CET)
Game: Heads-Up No Limit Hold’em
Buy-In: $11
Guarantee: $7,500

If you like your poker battles one-on-one, the Saturday Duel is the tournament for you. It’s a heads-up event with an $11 buy-in. Have you got what it takes to go all the way?

Saturday Speedway

Saturday Speedway When: 19:00 ET (01:00 CET)
Game: No Limit Hold’em, Turbo
Buy-In: $33
Guarantee: $40,000

The Saturday Line-Up schedule rounds out with the Saturday Speedway, a No Limit Hold’em Turbo event with a huge $40,000 prize pool, giving you yet another chance to win big.

If you have any questions about the Saturday Line-Up, contact Support.

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