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Mystery Bounty events have taken the poker world by storm. They’re fresh, action-packed, and create an enormous amount of excitement both on and off the felt.

But if you missed the European Poker Tour (EPT) stop in Prague and you haven’t been to Las Vegas over the past year, chances are you haven’t yet had a chance to play one.

That will all change soon.

When EPT Barcelona returns in August (8-21), poker players from Europe and beyond will not only have the opportunity to play a €3,000 buy-in Mystery Bounty tournament

You’ll also have the chance to win a Platinum Pass to the 2023 PokerStars Players Championship (PSPC), which takes place in the Bahamas in January next year.

A Platinum Pass worth $30,000 includes:

  • Buy-in to the $25,000 PSPC
  • Six nights hotel accommodation for the winner and a guest in a 5-star hotel
  • Airport transfer
  • $1,900 expense money
  • Platinum Pass Winner experiences during the event

Here’s all you need to know about the tournament.

EPT Barcelona Mystery Bounty

Dates: August 17 – 19 (3:00pm start)
Buy-in: €3,000 (€1,000 goes into Mystery Bounty prize pool)
Entries: Unlimited re-entry

The three-day event has 40-minute levels and players begin with a 30,000 starting stack. A total of 12 levels will be played on Day 1.

From Day 2 onwards, the Mystery Bounties come into effect. Just like a regular Progressive Knockout tournament, for every player you eliminate from the tournament you will win their bounty. But instead of cash, the bounty is a token which allows you to open a Mystery Bounty envelope. The more people you bust, the more chances of winning you have.

Those sealed envelopes will contain cash prizes taken from the bounty prize pool.

And one special envelope will contain a $30,000 Platinum Pass to the PSPC 2023.



Highlights include:

August 8-9 – €10,200 Mystery Bounty (€5K Bounty)
August 9-14 – €1,100 ESPT Main Event
August 14-15 – €2,200 ESPT High Roller
August 14-16 – €100,000 EPT Super High Roller
August 15-21 – €5,300 EPT Main Event
August 17-19 – €3,000 Mystery Bounty Championship (€1,000 Bounty)
August 19-21 – €10,300 EPT High Roller


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Infographic: Understanding Progressive KOs
What’s the difference between KO, PKO and TKO poker?
Getting to grips with the mathematics of bounties


  • Unlimited Re-Entry
  • 3-Day Event – 30,000 Starting Stack – 40 Minute Levels
  • 12 levels played on day 1
  • Registration open until 12:30 on day 2 (starting blinds at start of day 2 will be 1,000 1,500, 1,500)
  • Approx. 15% of the field will be paid
  • Scheduled breaks, including dinner breaks, are only a guideline and may be adjusted during the event
  • For tournaments with a 30-minute clock or longer, when the tournament reaches 3 players or if a deal has been made the clock will be halved on the following level
  • Management reserves the right to impose pay-out option restrictions
  • Management reserves the right to change, amend or alter any portion of the tournament
  • All tournaments may have a day added or subtracted at Tournament Director Discretion
  • MYSTERY BOUNTY RULES The total buy-in of €3,000 is broken down as follows: €1,716 Tournament Prizepool, €1,000 Mystery Bounty, €200 House Fee o €84 Staff Charge
  • At the start of day 2, the Mystery Bounties will commence. All players will receive a Mystery Bounty Token at the start of play
  • Players who eliminate other players will collect the Mystery Bounty Token from the eliminated player
  • The Mystery Bounty Token can be redeemed at the designated area where a PokerStars representative will draw an envelope on each player’s behalf. The envelope will be opened by the player
  • The player must show the tournament entry ticket and ID to draw the Mystery Bounty Token
  • The Mystery Bounty prize amounts will be determined by tournament entries and remaining players
  • The Mystery Bounty prize amounts will be listed in a designated area, and announced in the tournament room
  • As each prize is drawn, the prize will be removed from where it is published, so all players will always know which prizes remain
  • Mystery Bounty prizes will be subject to the same pay-out rules as tournament prizes which may differ from region to region
  • Lost Mystery Bounty Tokens will not be replaced. There are security protocols in place, on distribution, collection, and tracking of the Mystery Bounty Tokens and tournament staff will investigate any lost tokens to try and resolve the situation but there is no guarantee lost tokens will be replaced
  • In the event of a deal where play ends, each player will have their own Mystery Bounty Token to draw
  • In the event of a deal where play continues, we will follow the same rules of elimination
  • If multiple players eliminate another player with the same hand, the Mystery Bounty Token will be split
  • Mystery Bounty Tokens must be claimed by the end of the festival dates. The value of any unclaimed Mystery Bounty Tokens could be given to charity, added to the dealer tip pool or shared out between the final table players. Other options may be utilized depending on legality

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