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The Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP) is over! But the Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP) also plays on! Read the latest as the Main Event champions are crowned…


• “Alexgirs” bests $10K for biggest prize of SCOOP
• Celebrations in Brazil and Latvia for other Main Event wins
• O’Dwyer and Mateos take down Super Tuesday titles
• Familiar winners as Badugi lands on schedule
• “Regular” SCOOP schedule ends with $130.4 million in prizes


We have our winners: The Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP) has its latest Main Event champions! After four days of intense competition, the three flagship SCOOP tournaments — with buy-ins of $109 (low), $1,050 (medium) and $10,300 (high) — all ended on Wednesday night, giving career-defining paydays to more than just the ultimate champions.

SCOOP Main Events Results:

$10,300 High Main Event
Champion: “Alexgirs” (Belarus) – $920,596.81 (after three-way deal)
Prize pool: $6.09 million | Entries: 609 (inc. 194 re-entries)

$1,050 Medium Main Event
Champion: “HayashiJoão” (Brazil) – $920,066.91
Prize pool: $6.475 million | Entries: 6,475 (inc. 2,095 re-entries)

$109 Low Main Event
Champion: auercan (Latvia) – $371,750.73 (after three-way deal)
Prize pool: $4,623,800 | Entries: 46,238 (inc. 16,808 re-entries)

The final table standings in the $10K Main Event

All hail “Alexgirs” as top prize goes to Belarus: In the $10K, the last three players arranged a deal to split the prize money between them, with the Belarusian “Alexgirs” taking the largest chunk, and then also winning outright to claim the title. “Alexgirs” took $920,596, the biggest prize of the entire SCOOP festival, which included the $50,000 tournament organisers insisted be left on the table for the eventual winner after any deal. Brazil’s Pablo “pabritz” Brito and Alex “dynoalot” Difelice, who finished second and third, won $764,942 and $722,075, respectively. It was by some measure “Alexgirs” biggest tournament win, and came after some spectacular play (see Twitch Watch section below for one notable example). Although Alexgirs has previously been spotted at the tables of the PokerStars High Roller club, there are no previous successes of anything like this magnitude.

The three cut the deal after finally dispensing with overnight leader “XMorphineX” who won $414,960 for fourth. Daniel “Oxota” Dvoress took $303,273 for fifth, ahead of Michael “imluckbox” Addamo (6th – $221,647), Max “goodeh99” Silver (7th – $161,991), Ben “bencb789” Rolle (8th – $118,392) and “EEE27” (9th – $95,745).

How they finished in the $1K Main

Brazil’s “HayashiJoão” banks close to a million: The only Main Event that did not finish in a deal went to Brazil’s “HayashiJoão“, whose victory in the $1,050 tournament earned him $920,066.91. HayashiJoão used only one bullet, meaning he multiplied his entry fee by more than 875 times. Like the winner, of the High buy-in tournament, HayashiJoão has no previous notable results on PokerStars, marking this as a spectacular achievement, particularly after he defeated the brilliant Michael “merla888” Gathy heads up. Gathy, who cashed in all three buy-in levels of the Main Event, took $655,853.39 for second place.

How they finished in the low Main Event

“auercan” can again! Wins low Main Event: By some measure, the best known winner from the three Main Events is Latvia’s “auercan“, who prevailed from a field of 46,238 entries to win $371,750 from the $109 low buy-in edition. auercan is a former champion in both the former Sunday Million (from 2018), and Sunday Warm-Up, and has also finished second in a WCOOP tournament. But this one, which came after a three-way deal with Uruguay’s “UruRey” and Ireland’s Stephen “penguy2” Kehoe, is the biggest of them all. As for Kehoe, who won $270,143 for third, he made good on a promise from a few months ago to “play poker at a high level and compete with the best”. We met Kehoe at Lex Live 3 in February. Little did any of us know that this superb result was just around the corner.


Two huge winners in Super Tuesday: Though neither of them were employed in Main Event action on the final day, superstar players Steve “Mr. Tim Caum” O’Dwyer and Adrian “Amadi_017” Mateos couldn’t allow the spotlight to fall entirely away from them. Those two, the top-ranked players in Ireland and Spain, respectively, battled to titles in the Super Tuesday High Roller and regular Super Tuesday, banking $241,956.69 (O’Dwyer) and $164,397.70 (Mateos). This was a second win of the series for O’Dwyer, who also prevailed in the $25K Super High Roller for more than half a million dollars.

Steve O’Dwyer, left, and Adrian Mateos both banked huge wins

Mateos has had a relatively quiet SCOOP by his standards, but added a second career SCOOP title after winning the $2,100 6-Max in 2017. O’Dwyer beat another UK-based Spaniard Juan “Malaka$tyle” Pardo heads up to win, with Pascal “Pass_72” Lefrancois, Pedro “PaDiLhA SP” Padilha, Jorryt “TheCleaner11” van Hoof, Connor “blanconegro” Drinan and Linus “LLinusLLove” Loeliger also all making the final.

Murilo “Muka82” Figueiredo winning the LAPT title

LAPT champ bags badugi: The first completed event on the extended SCOOP schedule was the fixed-limit badugi, which ran start to finish last night. The High buy-in tournament went to Murilo “Muka82” Figueiredo, who won $19,500 for coming out on top of 60 entries. Figueiredo is well known to PokerStars Blog after he became the first Brazilian ever to win on the Latin America Poker Tour (LAPT), in Chile in 2011, and then also won a title in the Turbo Championship of Online Poker (TCOOP) in 2017. Figueiredo beat Thomas “WushuTM” Muehloecker heads up from a final table that also featured Adam “Adamyid” Owen.

Snap, snap, “alligator14” wins again: The badugi also offered Norway’s “alligator14” a chance to snag a second title, adding the medium buy-in badugi crown to the HORSE title he won earlier in the series. This result earned alligator14 $6,121.50 after beating a 318-entry field.


Tournament Entries Prize pool Winner Country Prize
74-L: $109 NLHE, Main Event 46,238 $4,623,800 auercan Latvia $371,750.73*
74-M: $1,050 NLHE, Main Event 6,475 $6,475,000 HayashiJoão Brazil $920,066.91
74-H: $10,300 NLHE, Main Event 609 $6,090,000 Alexgirs Belarus $920,595.81*
79-L: $109 NLHE, Mini Super Tuesday SE 5,644 $600,000 gotthismoney Austria $57,195.14*
79-M: $1,050 NLHE, Super Tuesday SE 937 $1,000,000 Amadi_017 UK $164,397.70
79-H: $10,300 NLHE, High Roller 105 $1,050,000 Mr. Tim Caum Ireland $241,956.69
82-L: $11 FL Badugi 1,683 $16,493 282828drakon UK $2,887.55
82-M: $109 FL Badugi 318 $31,800 alligator14 Norway $6,121.50
82-H: $1,050 FL Badugi 60 $60,000 Muka82 Brazil $19,500.00
Daily totals 62,069 $19,947,093 $2,704,472

*denotes deal


The completion of the Main Events and Super Tuesday tournaments represented the end of the “regular” SCOOP schedule — ie, the 240 tournaments on the original schedule, before the series was extended. The stats below, therefore, offer a snapshot of what the series numbers would have looked like had the series now been over.

They are, in a word, breathtaking. The series saw nearly 1.85 million entries, prize pools of more than $130 million and first prizes of more than $18 million.

Tournaments completed: 240
Tournaments ongoing: 6
Starting today: 9
Entries so far: 1,848,522
Prize pools so far: $130,270,554
First-place prizes awarded: $18,091,378

Totals refer to completed tournaments only. Last night’s badugi not included.


Jonathan Therme

Jonathan “Colback_FR” Therme: SM winner

We’re catching up with a lot of SCOOP winners this year, all happy to share their experiences of winning big. Click through to hear more from our long list of happy champions:

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Dimitrios “papadatos69” Papadatos: Making most of downturn in tourism
William “Williaml666” Barbosa: Best feeling ever!
Last hand double-KO gives ‘PufuMiu’ win in Event #11-L


Although it wasn’t quite the record-breaking night on Twitch that we saw the night before, PokerStars’ top streamers tuned in for the conclusion of the $10K Main Event, and saw some remarkable play. There was a huge moment during the heads up battle between “Alexgirs” and Pablo “pabritz” Brito where Brito shoved the river and gave Alexgirs a decision for his tournament life. What happened to have Fintan “easywithaces” Hand labelling Alexgirs a “sick, sick puppy” and Spraggy agreeing: “That is outrrrageous.”

As for Spraggy himself, he was in an emotional mood. Remember, the important thing about poker is that you let the past go, move on, don’t dwell on what you can’t change. Oh…

Ready to sign up for PokerStars and play SCOOP? Click here to get an account.


Lex Veldhuis is still trying to get his head around what happened to him, and Twitch poker, on Tuesday night:

As for Fintan “easywithaces” Hand, who is now a SCOOP champion, he had a podcast to focus on:

Poker News on the case


Poker News watched the SCOOP Main Events start to finish, and you can relive all the drama in their blow-by-blow accounts from last night:

NLHE – $10,300 | NLHE – $1,050 | NLHE – $109

In addition to all that, they also watched the massive Super Tuesday tournaments:

Super Tuesday – $1,090 | Super Tuesday High Roller – $10,300

And it’s not over. Tonight they are back at it with coverage of the $1,050 Thursday Thrill, which has a $1 million guarantee.



The final standings in the Player of the Series leader boards are still being calculated and confirmed. We will have news of the Player of the Series race as and when it is confirmed.


Latvia left it until the very last to appear on the countries leader board, but “auercan”‘s victory in the low Main Event edged the eastern Europeans into sight. Two wins each for the UK and Brazil means the top two performing countries extended their lead — even if one of those British triumphs came thanks to Adrian Mateos, a Spaniard exiled in London.

Latest standings:

34: UK
31: Brazil
24: Russia
16: Netherlands, Germany
11: Canada, Ukraine
Nine: Norway
Seven: Sweden, Austria
Six: Mexico, Ireland
Five: Greece, Hungary, Finland, Belarus
Four: Poland, Argentina, Lithuania, Romania
Three: China, Peru
Two: Malta, Denmark, Belgium, Lebanon, Japan
One: Kazakhstan, Slovakia, Uruguay, Bulgaria, North Macedonia, South Korea, Czech Republic, Croatia, Macau, Cyprus, Moldova, Latvia.


Day 22: Thursday, May 21

The main attraction on this, a Thursday, is the Thursday Thrill, whose $1K buy-in event boasts a $1 million guarantee. The only glimpse we get today of something other than hold’em comes in the final event of the evening, which combines PLO with its two-card cousin. Only six at a table though, for some additional variety.

10.30am ET – Event 84: NLHE
Buy-ins: $5.50, $55, $530
Guarantees: $75,000, $250,000, $350,000

1pm ET – Event 85: NLHE 8-Max PKO, Thursday Thrill
Buy-ins: $11, $109, $1,050
Guarantees: $150,000, $500,000, $1 million

3.30pm ET – Event 86: NLHE/PLO 6-Max
Buy-ins: $22, $215, $2,100
Guarantees: $75,000, $150,000, $300,000


With SCOOP now extended, there are still tons of chances to join the action. And if you’re thinking about doing that for the first time, or maybe are returning to the tables after a break, you will be well advised to read PokerStars School’s online tutorials. They are always relevant.

PokerStars School has all the information you need on how to get involved, how to make sure you have the right bankroll, how to play the satellites and how to play the tournaments themselves.

Click through to get yourself properly prepared:

Am I SCOOP ready? Planning, bankroll, mindset
Gearing up for SCOOP – General tournament strategy
Multi table tournaments (MTT) course
Poker satellite strategy


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