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Last year James Hartigan and Joe Stapleton needed an expert to come on Poker In The Ears to talk about SCOOP. They turned to PokerStars ambassador and Twitch streamer extraordinaire Benjamin “Spraggy” Spragg and things went swimmingly.

This year the show needed an expert on to talk about SCOOP so they invited on — you guessed it, Spraggy once again.

“As far as I’m concerned, this isn’t laziness,” Hartigan says in the latest episode of the podcast. “It’s a theme!” Then he declares that as long as there’s a SCOOP and a Spraggy, the show has itself an official SCOOP Correspondent.

Spraggy joins the boys at 13:25 of this week’s episode and proves his mettle immediately when he calls his new correspondency a “privilege.” (This guy didn’t get where he is today for nothing!) Then he runs down the highlights of the series, including a few big folds, and how he handled the pressures of streaming after busting on the final table bubble in the $1,050 Event #69-H. And just to make sure he doesn’t escape with his dignity intact, he plays a game of “Porn Uploader or SCOOP Leaderboard Player?

Check out Episode 155 of Poker In The Ears — including the announcement of Lex Live 2 at 7:30, a few stories from the WSOP Gavin Smith Memorial Tournament at 37:50, and a Count Of Monte Cristo-themed installment of “Superfan vs. Stapes” (that’s the Jim Caviezel/Guy Pearce film version) at 43:20 — on Soundcloud, iTunes, or Spotify. And if you want to help the boys out, make sure to rate, review, and subscribe to the podcast.

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