How to Play Live Deal or No Deal

Live Deal or No Deal adds all the suspense and excitement of the hit gameshow to your casino experience. Compete against your fellow players for the top cash prize as you test your nerve, instinct and luck in this exciting Live Casino game.

Live Deal or No Deal – Basic Rules

An unlimited number of players can take part in a Live Deal or No Deal game. Live Deal or No Deal has multiple game rounds and begins with the qualifying round.

Live Deal or No Deal – qualifying

To qualify, players must spin the three-reel bank vault wheel to align gold segments in the central segment. This then unlocks the bank door, allowing players into the gameshow round. If players do not succeed within the time limit, they will not qualify and must start again for the next round.

Players can spin the wheel an unlimited number of times during qualification, with each spin costing the selected bet amount and setting the highest-value prize from 75x to 500x the player’s bet.

Players can increase their chances of qualifying by selecting ‘Easy’ or ‘Very Easy’ modes. This will increase the bet chosen by three times or nine times, respectively.

Once qualified, the Top Up Wheel will appear. This gives players the option to top up the highest-value prize by 5x to 50x their bet. Each spin will cost the selected bet amount and the Top Up Wheel can be spun as often as players wish within the allotted time.

Live Deal or No Deal – the game show

The main game show begins once players have qualified and optionally used the Top Up Wheel.

The Live Hosts will have 16 locked briefcases, with one of these briefcases allocated to the player and the remaining 15 in the background. Each case is numbered and contains a prize value. During the game show, the host’s assistant will open each one to reveal the prize. Once opened, the briefcase is removed from the show.

At the end of each phase, once three or four briefcases have been revealed, The Banker will offer a cash prize to the player, who must then choose: Deal or No Deal.

Should the player choose Deal, they will receive that cash value and may return to qualify for another game. If they pick No Deal, they continue to play.

This continues until only the player’s briefcase and one final briefcase remain. At this stage, players may choose ‘No Deal’ to win the prize of their assigned case, ‘Deal’ to accept The Banker’s offer or ‘Switch Briefcases’ to win the prize in the other briefcase.

Prizes within the briefcases range from 0.10x the player’s bet to 500x the player’s bet.

The return to player (RTP) percentage of Live Deal or No Deal is 95.42%.

How to play Live Deal or No Deal

Deal or No Deal is available 24 hours a day. You can also play Live Deal or No Deal, as well as other Live Casino games, on your iOS or Android phone and tablet. See here to find out more.