The Blowout Series. $60,000,000 guaranteed.

After a rocky year, this is the moment to come together for a final, big blowout. A proper poker celebration with $60,000,000 in guaranteed prize money.

See 2020 out with a bang at the Blowout Series. December 27-January 17.

Every Sunday during the series will play host to a $5,000,000 guaranteed Big Blowout event. On top of that, there's $2,000,000 in Blowout Series tickets to be won.

We’ve put tonnes of prizes on the table. Now it's down to you. Let' make some noise and start the new year in style.

Four Sundays. Four buy-ins. Join us every week throughout the Blowout Series and play for $5,000,000 guaranteed.





December 27, 2020



January 3, 2021



January 10, 2021



January 17, 2021


Fancy turning just $4 into a $1,050 Big Blowout entry? Here's your chance. Get your hands on Big Blowout entries, Blowout Series tickets and cash prizes via our special edition Spin & Go's These will run until January 17.

$4 buy-in



$1,050 Big Blowout Entry

165 in 1,000,000

$109 Blowout Series ticket

5,500 in 1,000,000

$55 Blowout Series ticket

15,000 in 1,000,000

$22 Blowout Series ticket

55,000 in 1,000,000

$11 cash

279,190 in 1,000,000

$8 cash

645,145 in 1,000,000

8% of buy-ins goes to rake

$22 buy-in



$1,050 Big Blowout entry

4,999 in 1,000,000

$530 Blowout Series ticket

10,000 in 1,000,000

$215 Blowout Series ticket

20,000 in 1,000,000

$109 Blowout Series ticket

70,000 in 1,000,000

$55 Blowout Series ticket

250,734 in 1,000,000

$40 cash

644,267 in 1,000,000

6% of buy-ins goes to rake

Opt-in. Play Blowout Series tourneys. Get entries to daily Ticket Machine draws. If your name is selected, you’ll win Blowout Series tickets. There's a huge $2,000,000 worth of prizes to be won. Check out more details here.

Terms & Conditions

Blowout Series Spin & Go's

  • Blowout Series Spin & Go's will run until January 17, 2021.
  • Blowout Series Spin & Go's have a top prize of a Blowout Series $1,050 Big Blowout entry.
  • Players can play unlimited Blowout Series Spin & Go's but will only be eligible to win one $1,050 Big Blowout entry.
  • The first entry that a player wins will be non-transferable, non-exchangeable and non-refundable.
  • Players cannot unregister after winning an entry to the Blowout Series $1,050 Big Blowout taking place on January 17, 2021.
  • Any subsequent entries won will be exchanged for T$ (Tournament Money) instantly.
  • Players who win multiple Blowout Series tickets valued at $22, $55, $109, $215 and $530 can use them to enter any Blowout Series event or satellite with that buy-in.
  • After the conclusion of the Blowout Series on January 19, 2021, these tickets will be converted into generic MTT tickets within 72 hours.
  • These generic MTT tickets will allow entry into any scheduled MTT tournament with the corresponding buy-in and will expire after five years.

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